Friday, June 1, 2012

love, amor, love

Another post that I have had up and running for a while, but never finished.....
I think I'll be brief.  I just want to get this stuff done - call me a sloth.  Go ahead.

So almost two months ago now, friends of ours got married.  She works in the chaplain's office at the kids' school (and is part of Youth World).  He is from here, works in the chaplain's office part time, teaches drumming part time and is a student.  They are adorable.  That is about all that needs to be said.

I feebly helped a friend throw a shower for her.  Oh, I guess names need to be said - a shower for Ashley.  Initially there were some grandiose decorating plans in my head, but that is mostly where they stayed.  A few smaller things came to fruition.

Katie did some games - I don't do games.  I tried to pretend that I needed to take pictures while the games were happening but didn't fly with this crowd.

Everyone (including me) had to draw a picture of Ashley on her wedding day on a paper plate, while holding it on your head.  Then Ashley picked the winner.
I am proud to say that Maddy won.  I got third or fourthish place.... not to bad for a grumpy lady who didn't want to participate.

The wedding was really nice.  It was at a beautiful hacienda with really pretty grounds.  The not so pretty part was all the rain that had been falling, so it was a little tricky to get to.  I should have taken some pictures of the muddy roads!
Thankfully, the rain held off that day until a little later.  It squelched some of the festivities but not too much.  There were too many people there who liked to have a good time, so the party lived in spite of a little moisture!
My job was to coordinate and decorate.  There were many moments that were a bit frantic, as the hacienda people didn't hold up to their end of the bargain in several areas, but there are always people who are willing to pitch in, so it all got done.

I made the little sign above for the flower girl (who therefore was really the little sign girl) to carry down the aisle in front of Ashley.  It was a very sweet idea (not my idea, by the way!).
Then right after they were announced as husband and wife and walked out, she flipped the sign around and walked out in front of them.

They had coke bottles for everyone.  It looked great and was a fun touch.  Surprisingly, bottles of soda are not that hard to come by here.  Ashley also ordered some very neat wooden disposable plates and cutlery.
Sandi, another Youth Worlder, took care of all the centerpieces/flowers.

Ashley also planned for a kids table.  It was covered with butcher paper and crayons were put out.  They even got bags of gummy bears and swirly lollipops.  The problem was that very few kids even sat there.  That was fine by me - it just allowed some of the rest of us to have a chance at the fun.
And a few other detail pictures.....

There wasn't a whole lot of socializing or sitting for me, but I took advantage of a few moments.  You can't but take some time to laugh when you are at a party with good friends.
Other than dislocating my jaw (okay, not really, it just looks like it from how I am smiling), it was a great day.  Rain and all.

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