Monday, June 4, 2012


It's time for a little comedy.
It has been quite a day.  Most everything that I have been working on in the past few days fell apart in the past few hours.  So I need some laughter.  Actually, the comedy that I am talking about isn't really the type of stuff that makes you laugh out loud.  It's actually the type that makes you want to lash out irrationally.  Probably not the comedy that I am longing for.
The comedy is just stuff that goes on here.  Here in this country.
Like the government running out of paper to print official documents.  This is the second time it has happened since we've been here.  Last year it was the paper for drivers' licenses.  They just plum ran out.  And didn't get any for several weeks.
Now they have run out of the paper for censos.  Censos are the cards we foreigners need in order to be in this country.  They are the cards you need for almost any transaction that goes on.  Actually, you technically can't even leave the country without one, at least if you feel like coming back.
The thing about them running out of paper for these documents, aside from just the fact that they run out and then you can't get them, is that the lines afterwards - once they have the paper again (which they have no e.t.a. on) - are even more atrocious than before.  Fun.  Funny.  Ha ha.
Some other comedy we have experienced in the past two months involve one way streets.  Until about two months ago, the street we live on (and the neighborhood as a whole) was a regular two way street.  One day they put up a one way sign.  In fact, they put one way signs up on pretty well all the streets in our area.  Five days later, they put up new one way signs...... one way signs going the other direction.  This happened on many of the streets.  Last weekend, almost two months after all of this began, they changed the streets back to regular old two way streets.  Eric loves it.  
It's funny.  
But we're not laughing.

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