Wednesday, January 11, 2012

walking home

Three days in a row now I have walked home from the kids school and wanted to blog about something I've seen.  Once again I am dying for my spy camera - a picture says so much, but alas, you will have to simply read my words and use your imagination.  Some observations have caused deep thoughts and some light laughs but both are so much better shared.  Instead of posting each individually, I'm just going to put them together.  But since I'm feeling a little impatient this morning, I'm not going to wait until the end of the week - I'll just post this now.....

This morning I saw a man driving a van like ours all by himself.  It reminded me that Eric often drives our van all by himself.  It was kind of sadly humorous as several other vehicles, usually smaller, are filled with many people.
We just got back from the jungle yesterday, so it is even more of a contrast.  Much more so on the outskirts of the city and the jungle do you see lots of people loaded into a car or truck.  It seems possible, even likely, to see 32 men and women, 53 children, 14 dogs and a farm full of cui (guinea pigs) all crammed in the pack of a small pick up.  Most likely they are on their way to a fiesta and the guinea pigs are invited too (except of course they are the guests of honor - the main course.).  You could see a 1963 Volkswagon Beetle crammed full with 8 people.  And no, they aren't playing clowns.  Then you could see our family or this guy I saw this morning, all of us "fat, dumb and happy" as Eric would say (expression learned at the CHP academy oh so many years ago to imply ignorance or lack of awareness) clueless or indifferent to our much compared to their little.
But sometimes, again after being in the jungle, that having much is often more of a curse than having little. It all depends on how you look at it.

I just got home from playing a game of Extreme Frogger; also know as:
Testing the Lord your God
Life on the Limb
Crossing a Major Intersection in Quito on Foot when the Traffic Lights are Out

It is a game that is not uncommon, and one that you don't have much choice as to whether you play it or not.  I've never been one for games in the first place.
I will say that it is a game that is much more tolerable to play by yourself than when having four kids in tow.  That is really really not fun.

Saw my favorite little old, very cute, very shriveled little old lady sitting and selling her food on the street - a usual sight, but today she was wearing a new looking Nike toque (beanie).  Not selling any pig ears today either.
A man riding his bike on the main (very busy) drag with a weed whacker, leaf blower and broom strapped on.
A 40-something year old gringo (?) with a sweet Shawn Cassidy feather going on.  Do tell me... is he out-of-date or up-to-date?  'Cause you know that fine look will be coming back one of these days for the males in our lives to enjoy.  Can't wait.....

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