Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the guy's birthday

The following is what I wrote while Cade was watching:
The birthday guy is really cute but still is a pain in the buttocks.  I like the word buttocks - it is a cool word and is a good description of that guy in the family - the one who had a birthday.
He had a rat attack him while he was sleeping and the rat very accurately nibbled off a chunk of Cade's hair at night.  His hair must have been full of diseases because we have not seen hide nor hair (excuse the pun) of the rat since.
He didn't think I was funny, but I thought I'd leave it in for posterity sake.  Some day when he is 37 and I have made this into a book, he'll have a good chuckle (or just think his mother is psycho).
The bit about the rat is regarding a mysterious section of hair (in front, of course) that is shorter than the rest and is in a very straight line.  Cade has stood his ground for over a week now that he doesn't have a clue what happened.  Eric and I are trying to casually slip questions into conversations about it, hoping that he might slip up and tell us what happened, but so far he is too smart for us.  He's still pretty cute regardless of his odd trim.
So the boy, this guy, the dog, our man - or whatever other title we use to refer to the best son in the world, just had a birthday on Friday.  Yes, Friday the 13th.... and nothing bad even happened!
Of course we had to start the day with cupcakes for his class.  Cade wanted "blue velvet" cupcakes (as in red velvet but blue instead....) with green cream cheese icing and gummi worms.  Not the cutest cupcakes ever, but the boy was pleased.  I think some of the other children were frightened.
I kept things rather simple.  I think Cade gets the shaft the most in terms of birthdays.  By the time all the Christmas stuff is done, Maddy's birthday, my birthday, and New Years all happens, I am ready for a break.  So when Cade's day rolls around, momma is not highly motivated.  So it was just cupcakes.
One of the boys in the class pointed out my shortcomings.  "Where is the ice cream?"  Yup, I'm a lousy, stinkin', no-good mother..... no ice cream.

Cade is another one of the Ackermann children who runs and hides as soon as I bust out the camera.  It is a rare occasion where I don't have to sneak or hunt him down to take a picture.  Here, I came to take a picture of him..... he disappeared instantly and even left his cupcake.
Then I thought I convinced him to stand beside the calendar and let me take a picture, as his teacher suggested.  I should not have counted.....
Ah, finally!  And with such a lovely smile:
The evening was, naturally, filled with T.G.I. Fridays fun.  Where else would we go?

This is the look I got when I asked if I could try a little bite of the birthday cake.
"Oh brother mom, I guess so.  But it better be small!"
The next evening (Saturday) we had a little party.  Cade wanted to watch a movie on the roof, but it was raining on and off all day, so we settled into the family room instead.  He wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks Two - The Squeakquel (roll eyes, sigh and say "Oh help me Lord") and then wanted an Alvin holding a guitar shaped cake.  Sheesh.
I thought I could convince him to have a nice layered cake with a Alvin toy stuck on top.  That way he could have the toy, too.  Smart right?  He wanted none of that business.....which was okay because there was no Alvin, or any other chipmunk for that matter, to be found (thanks Renae for looking!).  So after several suggestions and some hours of thought, he finally settled on a baseball and baseball bat cake (thank goodness he had baseball that morning and had a good game!).  Much easier!
The bat is a little on the "cave-man club" side of things, but why mess with imperfection?
We had four families over with a total of 15 kids.
Taking a big breath...
and he blows out all the candles!
Maddy served the cake
and Lucy served the glow sticks.
The glow sticks, or at least 75% of them, were dead.  Didn't work.  Phewy.  I thought they'd be fun to have, especially outside on the roof, but since we didn't have the roof, I guess we didn't need the glowing.

Cade opened presents at the end and got cash and lego.  Those are about the two most perfect presents for that guy!  He was elated by all of it.
And finally, the last of the birthday events - Sunday at Casa G.  It was William's birthday on Saturday, so we celebrated their days together.  First the sitting around the birthday boys and tell them nice things.  Of course I cried when I talked....
And of course, Cade rolled his eyes when I cried.
Then we pray for the birthday people.
And then it is time for gifts.  Cade got Fruit Loops,
and a set of locks and keys.  Many kids may feel ripped off about these gifts but Cade is great.  He pretty much loves any thing he gets and has been thrilled - especially with the locks.  He currently is trying to lock up most everything he sees.
And then time for cake.

Debbie put trick candles on the cake so they kept lighting up again.  They are pretty fun but boy oh boy did it get smokey in there!
And now the boy is nine.  He has already reminded me that in one year he too will be in double digits and then in four years he will be a teenager.  Yikes!  Four years is no time at all!!  He has also informed me that we will be having a VERY large party that year as 1) he will be a teenager and 2) it is his golden birthday - 13 on the 13th.
He was pretty tolerate of his low-key birthday this year (he hasn't even got a present from us yet - I'm getting it when I go to Maryland soon), but he is certainly gearing up for the future.   I better be ready!

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