Thursday, September 15, 2011

we got to pray just to make it today

Thank you MC Hammer (Oh yes, it is Hammer time).
Never thought I'd take life lessons from an MC Hammer song, but I gotta give it to him.
I really do have to pray every day in order to make it.
And so I wanted a reminder in sort of a fun graphic way.

I started by painting a thick white stripe up in the aquarium and then began painting the word "pray" in sort of a stencil style.
 Once I got it started, I realized that the lettering wasn't quite as bold as it needed to be - I wanted to chunk it up a bit.  Then I thought that I might like it better blue with white letters, so I basically started over.  Good thing it wasn't a labor-intensive project!
 I like it - but am not crazy about it.  I still like the stenciled letter look better and haven't made up my mind whether blue on white or white on blue is better.
 Regardless, I love it in terms of message, positioning and idea.
Now whenever we sit in the room - which is an awful lot - we are all reminded of a revolutionary idea - pray.
About everything.
All the time.

As a side note, it is also apparently our family's "lost and found" area, as designated by Lucy.
She found a piece of homework and decided she should make a lost and found area.  
Since both Cade and Mia have already stated that it is not their paper, their names got stroked off the list. I guess Maddy, Eric and I still are not sure.

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