Sunday, September 11, 2011

domingo fabuloso

Translation: Fabulous Sunday

It was a tough week.
Really tough - and personally very frustrating.
But boy was it a good Sunday.

I started having migraines again this week.  It was very aggravating.  All I can conclude is that my body seems to do okay with the initial transition to the altitude but in the long run, it rebels.  I finally did some research on it (isn't it incredible what resources we have with the internet - still blows me away) and I guess it isn't very common, but does happen to a rare breed.
That's me, a rare breed.
Most people have migraines for the first few days when coming up to this "thin air", few do okay at first but then have trouble later..... and for a while.  Apparently I fall under the latter category.  Yippee for me.  I'm sure you are jealous and want to be like me.  
Kind of makes me never want to leave Quito for very long.

Anyway - I'll quit my whining.

Today was almost entirely headache free and was completely migraine free.
Church was good - I'll be much happier next week once children's church starts again, as I started to get a little irritated having my two youngest clamoring and clawing all over me for a good hour and a half.  But seriously, who can blame them?
(No, not because they had to be quiet, still and were pretty bored for an hour and a half.  I mean because who wouldn't want to clamor and claw for my attention..... I'm surprised it doesn't happen a whole lot more by a whole lot more people!
I'm a sarcastic person, please remember......)

My I am taking a lot of rabbit trails this evening.

After church we had Casa G. family, as per usual.
As not per usual, we had it at our house (ain't I got me some good grammar?).

The boys, 11 out of 13 of them (yes, we grew over the summer.... lost one, gained 3), and a family who loves these boys as much as we do (plus we just love this family.... so it was mostly selfish that we invited them!) all came over.
Before dinner, the boys discovered the dart board, with very few darts.
 The board is on a section of wall that connects the dinning room to the living room.
Now, I must tell you that we hung the board there because we hadn't really decided were it should be.  Eric had already told the kids that we couldn't play with it there.
Fools that we are, we left the board there.
Not so surprisingly, the boys found it and starting playing.
Our wall will never be the same.
 And since the walls are cinderblock and concrete, the darts won't ever been the same either!

We barbecued hamburgers and had other simple fare (like pasta salad that our friends made - of which Lucy, literally, had handful after handful.... it was a proud mama moment) and ate outside, enjoying incredible weather.

 It was a meal of Ecuadorian teenagers and blonde gringo children (and their parents).
 Love that.

After lunch, everyone (other than Renae, Cade - not feeling well - and myself) headed out to the park to play soccer.  Cade slept while Renae and I cleaned up.  And talked.
Side note: Can I just say how blessed I am with friends here?
Other than Renae helping Maddy (she came in a little later) feed her lust for internet shopping, it was such a good afternoon (I'd put a little happy face there with a tongue sticking out or something to show that I jest over the first part of that statement, but I have no idea how to do that, plus I'm not that big on emoticons - or whatever they are called - anyway).

We ended the day with showers - gotta love clean kids, 
leftovers - gotta love not cooking and,
an old movie - gotta love the classics.
Maybe not really a classic, but it was the 1994 version of "Little Rascals".  The first time we watched it, I pretty much insisted.  The kids were rolling their eyes, assuming it was a lame movie because I liked it and because it was made before the invention of the TV, or so they acted.  But they LOVED it.
And seriously, how cute are Buckwheat and Porky?

Maybe mom ain't so lame after all.

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