Monday, September 12, 2011

Okay, last time

I really do think it will be the last time.  You are probably quite sick of the wall.
I just wanted to show the latest addition.
I added some letters - one for each of us.  I've had a bunch of them for a while and just never got around to using them.  Eric has had his big E for a long long time, and I loved it from the first time we laid eyes on each other (the letter and I, that is), many many years ago.  He said that this is the first time it has ever actually been hung up!
 Lucy's is attached to a small canvas that she painted a while back.
Yes, the picture is on its side.  I selfishly was more concerned about the orientation I wanted, not what she made!

I think I might just be done with this wall, finally.  It makes me happy - happy colors, happy artwork by the kids, and something that represents all of us.

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