Saturday, September 10, 2011

fun, friend-filled weekend

Lots of good times this past weekend (thought I should get on this since the new weekend has started!)
Lucy had been bugging and bugging about having her friend Molly over.
Bugging and bugging (and bugging).
So we finally called.
Before that I asked Cade if he wanted to have Jorden, Molly's brother and Cade's friend, over as well.
The answer:  a resounding "YES"!

So friends got to come over and play.  Since everyone was having such a dandy time, we thought we'd just turn it into a sleepover extravaganza.  Kinda cool, because it was the first sleepover for a couple of the kids.  Now Lucy thinks she's an old pro.....

Of course, movies in bed and lots of snacks are part of an Ackermann sleepover.
Sometimes I am afraid that my kids might go to someone else's house for the night and they'll get mad at the other family for not following THE sleepover agenda.
Even the "big" girls joined in the fun.
I'm pretty sure they wanted the snacks and weren't too interested in "Barbie Fashion Fairytale".  Or maybe secretly they were??

After church on Sunday, we went to Casa G as usual.
For the first 15 or 20 minutes there, I was pretty frustrated with the kids.  They were their normal shy selves, just sitting there, not even talking or greeting the boys (it was our first time with them since summer).  Quite honestly, I wanted to slap them upside their heads.
Then I realized..... pretty sure it was God saying "And what would you have done when you were their age, hmmmm missy?"
I know I would have done the same thing.
I so much want the kids to be more outgoing, more interactive, less to themselves, less timid and all of that.  I see other children who are more this way and honestly, I get jealous.  But the reality is that it is not bad or wrong, nor should it be frustrating to me.  I need to pray that they reach out beyond themselves, that they appropriately grow in this area, but I need to not try to make them change their personalities.
It still is hard.  It still can be frustrating.  But God can use their little personalities in a different way, as He sees fit and as He made them.
And I need to step aside.

After my little life lesson and a relatively relaxed time at Casa G., we headed home to get ready for a back-to-school party.
I have a wonderful friend who is the party queen.  She loves to throw a good party - and good they always are.  We have the blessing of having kids in the same class two years in a row.  Its a blessing because I love her sweet son, I love her and I get to enjoy all her party planning goodness and just help, if needed!  I am very happy to be the help and not the master.  Been there, done that.  With the last of four children, its great to take on a little more of a relaxed role, especially when she's so good and doing it all!
I did offer to help (and was sincere!!) so she asked me to make cupcakes.  
It was a Dr. Suess party, so she sent me a link to how she wanted the cupcakes to look.  So I replicated them as best I could.... although that picture had red cupcake liners, of which I did not have, and blue icing, of which I did not have enough food coloring.  
Well, they still were pretty cute, I thought and look rather suessy.

She had a few games - Thing One and Thing Two tag.
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish version of duck, duck, goose.
A little photo-op place of Thing One and Thing Two.

And then lots of yummy treats.
When our kids were nice and full of sugar, they started trying to juggle.
Little bit of skill.
Then Eric started to juggle.
A fair amount of skill.
He had the attention of a few of the kids.
Stick a red nose on that guys and you'd be good to go.... although I know a few people who are not fans of clowns (my darling cousin more than any one I know!!).  Maybe he could have just got some of that red icing on his nose from eating those cupcakes.....

Maddy didn't have any desire to go the party - can't imagine why - so she had a friend over instead.  I adore this particular friend of hers and want her to come over so I can play with her too.
Okay, I only play with them a little.
They like to make movies - rather um, interesting movies - and they decided to make a pirate one.  Mia, as is often the case, was the videographer.
I still haven't seen the end product, but I'm sure it was a smashing success.
One of these days I'll have to post one on here.....  Although Maddy has threatened to "kill me" if I ever do (I'm shaking in my boots....).  
We'll see.

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