Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sick of being sick

Yes, sick again.

Eric was sick for six days, and now, lucky-ducky me... I'm sick too.
Just in time for Thanksgiving.
I'm praying for a holiday miracle.
I will be better by tomorrow.
I am supposed to make four pies and stuffing.
We'll see what happens.

At least when I am not sleeping I can do some slow crafting for the sale.
Stitch together flowers for clips and headbands, and add beads:
Glue and sew some owl faces.
And stitch up owl bums.
Cute little owl bum.

So I am not completely useless.
There is a little I can do.
I just pray I'll get enough done for the sale.
I upped my prayers to $700.

Not at all trying to challenge God but I really don't want my faith to be too small.
It is totally up to Him what He wants to do with this sale.
But it sure would be good for the ministry.
Like most ministries now-a-days, we could really use the money.

Aside: You may notice kitty (otherwise known as Nolly - but I'll stick with kitty) in the background.
Kitty likes it when I am sick.
She likes to snuggle on me or at least beside me.
When I'm sick I don't move nearly so much, so she is a very happy kitty.

This next picture brings me great cheer!
Taken just before they left for school.
Yesterday was crazy hair day at school (1st - 12th grades) and pajama day for Kindergarten.
They all were into it - so fun!
One of may favorite things is Cade.
1st: He is wearing his soccer metal - acquired yesterday for intramural soccer.
2nd: He is SO proud of his hair.
He thinks it is so crazy.
And he is just Mr. Cool-Breeze with the shades.
He was beyond thrilled beyond beyond when I did his hair.
The funniest part is that half the guys in school wear their hair like this every day, but he is thinking he is the wackiest kid out there.
Love that boy!

Happiest of Thanksgivings!

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