Saturday, November 13, 2010

baby shower - part 1

So I am doing this baby shower in three part.
I simply do not know how to get more than five pictures on one blog post.
(It is well known that I am a computer imbecile, but seriously, how hard can it be...
can anyone help me??)

the shower:

One of my new friends, Beth, one of the most adorable pregnant people ever, is due in five weeks. She is having a little girl... a baby sister for their two-year-old son.
Beth's husband Paul is the director of El Refugio, a camping ministry that is also part of Youth World. And since Beth is kind of a campy kind of girl herself, we decided to do a campy kind of shower.
The shower was at another friends house since she has a nice yard.
Turns out, however, that we couldn't really use the yard.
It was dark, cold and rainy.
So we set up the shower under their carport type area.
Not near as pretty as her green grass and wonderful flowers, but it didn't stop us from partying down.
She was a little unhappy - not only had she worked hard to make the yard so nice, but also we ended up having the party in, as she said, the ugliest part of her house.

Notice the right side of the picture? They just had a water leak in their house and the wall is all broken away. Lovely pipes too.

This is a close-up of the hobo packs. I made little popcorn packs (1 t oil, 1 T popcorn in a well sealed bundle of foil), tied to some sticks and then tied fabric over them to make them pretty. The card is instructions on how to cook them over the fire.
The first few attempts at the popcorn were pretty bad.
Like mine, for example.
Should have taken a picture of that - basically burned foil.
But then some people had success - and some fresh, yummy popcorn.

For our glasses, I wrapped scraps of fabric and then jute around mason jars (I scored those from some missionaries that are moving soon - a little pricey, but I was excited because they are pretty hard to find here). Then I made little leaf tags so that people could write their names on them.

Ashley and Renae enjoying fruit kabobs.

Marlo, in the gray and white, is the hostess. She is wonderful.
More on the next post....


  1. Love the pictures and the theme!!! The decorations and treats are amazing! So cool.

  2. Hey Carla!
    All you have to do to upload more than five pictures on one blog post is upload your first five and then click on the little picture button thingy that you clicked on the first time. A new one will come up and you can upload five more. Just keep doing that until you have all the pictures you want in one post. Hope that makes sense!

    Lindsey Crockett :D