Wednesday, November 17, 2010

having a hoot

I am in the middle of all things owl.
Well, I guess only in the middle of making a whole lot of owls.
One of the projects I decided to do for this Casa G. fundraiser craft sale deal was to make a whole whack of owls.
Part of the reason this was a good project to choose is because I got a bunch of free used clothes that I am cutting up for the fabric..... recycling and keeping costs down!
(of course I am using some of my own fabrics too.... just have to because I can't do it with out using some cute material, yes?)

Yesterday I experimented with a pattern that I made.
And since we have company this week*, Lucy's friend got the guinea pig.... well, the owl...
as in the experimental owl.
She is quite delighted with it.
That is giving me a little assurance that we might actually make some money selling these things.
*They are friends from language school in Costa Rica - their second child is Lucy's bestest buddy from there. If you think of the expression "two peas in a pod" - that would be Lucy and Felice! They are hilarious together. Anyway, they are missionaries in El Salvador and are here in Quito from Monday to Friday doing some training stuff and hanging out with us. They are staying at our house (except for one night) and Felice is with us while her parents are learning stuff. We are being very naughty parents and keeping Lucy out of school so she can play. We are officially getting the worst parents of the year award and should probably be shot.
The two peas with the finished owl(s... notice baby owl in the pocket).
Felice is looking very festive in her Christmas dress.
She actually was looking very festive in her Christmas dress year round in Costa Rica as well - she wore it even when we were all sweating bullets out there.
Now, of course, I need to make another pair of owls for Lucy EXACTLY like Felice's.
As in "Mommy, you have to take pictures so that you don't forget how you made Felice's."
"No mommy, take more pictures or you will forget."
(The girl knows her mother's memory well.)
She, of course, wanted hers made right now, but she was surprisingly understanding when I told her I needed to make them for the sale first.
I was very impressed.
(She also reminded me of our motto: "guests first" this morning when I absent-mindedly poured syrup on her french toast before I did Felice's.
A very proud mommy-moment.)
And one more picture for good measure - just 'cause they are so darn sweet.

The owls do need a bit of tweeking, but once I get that right, I should be off and ready to sew my little heart out.

Here is the final run down of stuff I am making to sell:

* owls
* headbands - plain and flower ones
* flower hair clips
* jewelry (stuff I made quite a while ago and have toted with me across several countries)
* scripture wreaths
* rhinestone t-shirts (custom)
* embroidered aprons (if I can get the machine to work by then, and if I can get the aprons up here).
* pumpkin butter
* ornament kits for kids (hopefully) - two types
* candy cane reindeer (you can not get candy canes here, so I think I have someone bringing some for me.... I'm hoping they will be good sellers because 1) Americans will be excited to see candy canes and 2) Ecuadorians -and others- may be intrigued by candy canes)
* carmel chocolate pretzel rods (another thing you can't get here and I am hopefully getting)

I am praying to make $500 for Casa G.
Would love it if you would pray too.
And you can pray that we make more than $500, if you want... maybe my faith is too small!

Oh, and by the way, Felice fell asleep tonight snuggled up to her owls.
That makes a person feel good about their gift!

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  1. Wonderful and adorable. Can't wait to see your entire collection of owls!