Saturday, November 13, 2010

baby shower part 3

So, the fire pits were really nice and it was nice to have the campy ambiance, the fun of roasting marshmallows and popping corn. And it was nice to have the warmth.
But not so nice:

Renae was not enjoying to smoke.
(she was actually dramatizing the experience in this picture...)
Um, non of us were enjoying the smoke.
And like a moron, I forgot to tell people on the invitation that we were going to be having a campfire. So some people came sort of nicely-ish dressed and now their nice-ish clothes stink like campfire.
Personally, I love the smell of campfire.
But maybe not on my nice-ish clothes.

I have much to learn.

One thing I did remember to put on the invitation was to bring a verse that each person wanted to share with the baby.
I bought some fabric (some used in the decorations) and cut it into squares.

Then I brought a fabric marker (brought from California...good thing too, as I couldn't find any here) and had everyone write out their verse, or at least the reference, on the fabric square.
Now I am going to take the fabric squares and make a quilt for the baby.
She can be wrapped in love and prayers from God's Word.

We ended the shower by praying over Beth and the baby.
It was a very sweet time.
You can't actually see her - she is seated and everyone is around her.

The whole group: Renae, Christy, Mari, Katie, Beth, Marlo, Ashley, Courtney, Sarah, Dana, Nancy, Amparo (holding Leo, her grandson), and me, kneeling.

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