Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three words: dumb kitty

Before I explain why Nolly is a dumb kitty.... I know I actually said two words, but it is a partial quote from "Cheaper by the Dozen" - a family favorite movie. So don't ask, just watch the show....

Nolly, the kitty, is a tad bit of a lame-brain.
Don't tell Maddy about this, but seriously, she is.
The worst of it is that she seems to pride herself in being dumb.
For example:
One of the places she likes best is the computer keyboard.
I'm guessing that it is because it is warm.
But you'd think that when you continually removed her from her favorite location, she would get the picture.
No, she doesn't.... "And the cat came back the very next day (well, minute, actually)".
One of these days I might just hurl her across the room.
Okay, I won't, but I'll be tempted to....
Then last night, this:
The kids are in bed and Eric and I are sitting in the aquarium reading.
I hear kitty (Lucy hates it when I call her "kitty" instead of "Nolly") meowing.
I look up and see this - Nolly climbed to the top of the curtains.
She must have been scared because she was meowing a lot.
Then again, she usually meows a lot (also part of her dumbness).
Anyway, she sort of struggles with what to do;
looking down with fear and trembling, looking up with uncertainty...
Finally she decides that up is better than down.
And she actually seems to find a comfy spot.
So there she is, cuddled on the curtain rod, eight feet in the air, looking rather smug.

She wasn't very happy with me when I got a chair and took her down.
I sort of felt like the fireman, climbing the ladder to get the frightened kitten out of the tree.
I'm a hero, I thought.
Kitty thought otherwise.
While I am pretty sure she wouldn't have been able to get down on her own, she was not the least bit please with me removing her from her perch.

I think we need to get a spray bottle to instill a bit of wisdom in dumb kitty.
Nothing like a little spritz of water to teach a cat what is what.

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