Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pick up and walk

Way back at the beginning of May, we joined with our small group and Glenda and the kids (well, some of the kids) to participate in Steinbach's annual "Pick up and walk".  The church we go to started this shindig several years ago and has grown to what was something like 1200 people this year.  Everyone gets a lovely yellow t-shirt, blue latex gloves and garbage bags.  Then various groups are assigned different sections of town to clean up.  It is quite fabulous. 

Our group was assigned the east side of the main highway - in the ditch.  It was, first of all, stinking cold.  That made for some crabby kids.  But most of them are pretty tough so they worked well - in-between comments like "I can't feel my legs - I'm frozen from the waist down" and "My eyelids are frozen open".
I really should have taken a picture in a different area.  We had some ditch with so much water that I got a booter with my boots that literally come up to my knees.  Other than very cold, grossly dirty and smelly water getting in my boot, I had a lovely time.  It is quite an enjoyable thing to my way of thinking.  Slopping through the gross water and fishing out rubbish.  You probably think that I am being sarcastic, which under normal circumstances I would be, but I am really very serious.  I love doing this kind of stuff.  Therapeutic, in my way of thinking.
The kids may or may not have been so enthralled with the activity.  Eric was pretty much just focussed on getting the thing done (big shocker there).  There may or may not have been some tense moments when certain individuals were crying an awful lot and could not be reasoned with.  But regardless, it was a great experience, great to serve with family and friends, great to serve and clean up this here one-horse town, and great to get out in the fresh air.
I am, truly, already looking forward to next year.
Plus there was a free lunch… can't get any better than that.

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