Sunday, May 18, 2014

easter hoppenings (see what I did there?)

Okay - long time ago.  But I'll still do a quick post.  It is Easter after all - a very important celebration!!
The traditional making of the Easter bunny buns had to happen of course….. sadly without our usual visitor Zach - or with Payton - but happily as a family.  And we were able to share them with everyone at the gathering

Cade decided to go with creativity, buck tradition, and make an upright bunny.  Unfortunately they decided that they needed to take a nap once they were in the oven, and we all know that bunnies don't sleep sitting up.  Oh well, the idea was fabulous.
The girls playing spoons seems to be a new tradition for family gathers when at Brent and Glenda's.  It is quite a lovely thing.

Preparing for the dying of the eggs….

And the traditional hiding of the easter eggs.  Unfortunately Glenda and I didn't sync our brains in terms of eggs.  She colour coordinated so that each kid had to find one of each colour.  I was random (shocking, I know).  So the men hid the colour-alotted ones in the front yard and Glenda and I hid the random in the back.

Let the search commence!

Please notice the overly enthusiastic face of our fine Alex.  She looks absolutely delighted to be made to go out in the half-snow-melt backyard in her pretty outfit and boots to hunt and gather.

Lauren came out a little late so she was given a great deal of assistance (necessary or not!).
After the backyard gathering, it was off to the front.

Lauren didn't let a little thing like discomfort or dirt get in her way.  Nuh-uh!  She got down and got dirty getting her treasure under the camper.  This girl is hard core!

There appear to be some similarities to Halloween at this point.  Going back in from the cold, opening up your finds and sorting all of the goodies.  Okay, considering the background of each holiday, that would be where the similarities end….

The next event was to-dye-for.  HA!!  See what I did again?  I crack myself up!  HA - get it?  Crack?  like an egg?  I am egg-cellent at this!!!  Ha!  Hahahahaha.  What a funny yolk!  Get it?  Yolk sounds like the word joke!   HAHAHAHAHA.  I kill me!

That, and a whole lot of food, made up Easter celebrations.  Okay, and a whole lot of great family.

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