Sunday, May 18, 2014

citizens of another country

A very important envelope arrived in our mail box the other day.  One that we had been waiting for for 16 months.  And there was much rejoicing!!
Due to the importance of these documents contained within said envelope, Eric decided to have an impromptu ceremony.  He called the kids from the far reaches of the house (in this house the reaches aren't that horribly far).  And with great delight (as you will be able to witness on their faces captured below), he distributed to them their:
Look at how thrilled they look!!
First Eric had them close their eyes (Maddy is extremely disobedient).

Then he handed out each certificate (while it may look like Cade's face is saying "why is my dad such a moron and why does he make me do such lame things when all I want to do is play Mindcraft", it is really saying "oh the overwhelming emotion of it all…. so many long and seek and wait and struggle to attain citizenship of so fine a country and now I finally possess this treasured, precious document in my own hands").
(Cade's joy is still very apparent)
Ah, finally the first glance of the precious paper….
They hold it close to their hearts…..
Cade says what the heck is this piece of garbage for wow!  I finally am really a Canadian citizen.
Mia is overwhelmed to tears (or completely annoyed).

Lucy knows the importance and significance of this so-very-much-more-than-just-a-piece-of-paper, piece of paper and will obviously treasure it always.  Immediately she searches for the perfect frame with which to preserve and display her new identity.
Well, Eric and I are delighted….

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