Tuesday, August 6, 2013

you got holes in your ears!

Oh, I have so much catching up to do!  I really need to get in the mood and get 'er done!  Here's a little bitty start....

One of Mia and Lucy’s goals for our furlough time (this was before furlough became a little more extended.... as in moving back) was to get their ears pierced.  It didn’t come up while we were in Steinbach, but they wasted no time once we hit California.  We arrived Sunday and Tuesday was set as the day.  Thankfully Maddy had her i-whatever with her so she documented.
Lucy was having second thoughts and for a while decided that she might just put it off for a while.  After she saw her brave older sister, however, she went right back at it.  They both did fabulously.  And they even spoke a little Spanish to the lady who did their piercing.
Maddy had thought for a while that she would get her nose pierced (for real).  We told her that she could (her expense, of course) but the place we went to only did ears, so that never happened.

 This is telling:  Mia picked little gold crosses for earrings. 

 Lucy chose peace signs.  Mmmmm.....

 In other appearance changing news, Lucy also lost two teeth (eye teeth) in three days.  Now for the anticipation to see if she gets Giesbrecht or Ackermann permanent teeth.  I got money on Giebrecht but am hoping for the latter.

Being reunited with family is always good and one reunion that was much anticipated was with Uncle Michael.  Uncles don’t get much better than Uncle Michael.  Aside from normal uncle-awesomeness, he happens to make up his own recipes.  Like what he made for lunch when we were at his house the next day: blackened grilled cheese.  Some might have thought he just got caught up in the story he was telling and forgot about the grilled cheese on the stove, but we knew better.  We knew he was showing off his culinary delights and treating us with his latest invention.  The kids’ taste buds were not quite advanced enough, however, so he relegated to remaking regular sandwiches for them.

Aside from a delicious lunch (it truly was), he schooled us in all things fishy.  Michael has three fish tanks and knows an awful lot about the whole deal.  He has always known an awful lot of stuff about an awful lot of stuff, but now he knows even more about fish than before being that is a volunteer docent at the California Academy of Sciences, fish-type division.  Cade is quite set on getting his own tank and some guppies now.
We also took the usual trip to the cement slide, but it just wasn’t quite as fun without a neighbor lady yelling at us (yes, this has happened two previous times).  Maybe we can look forward to her another year.....

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