Saturday, July 6, 2013

rush more, please

July 5th is starting to be a soggy one, although I am enjoying the rain and slightly cooler temperatures.  We have only gotten on each others’ nerves twice and it is 9:33 a.m. Mountain time.  We are about to see the world’s smallest biker bar.  No, I’m not making this stuff up.  We’ll see if we can sneak a picture....
It is 9:54 and Lucy just asked what we are having for lunch.  I told her that we are going to graze with the buffalo because that is what you do at Mount Rushmore.  She didn’t believe me.  But we were heading to Mt Rushmore, in fact, grazing or not.
Oh, and no world's smallest biker bar.  While we saw the signs, the bar itself must be so small that it can't be seen.....
First glimpse of the men:
 And on the way into the parking lot, we finally got Alabama.... as Eric put it "Look, it's the famous handicap car from Alabama!" (all personal, distinguishing marking removed from the photo....).

 Maddy picking Washington's nose.  Gross.

 The kids were very unhappy when their mother told them to pose like the four presidents.  Very unhappy indeed.  Eric had to lovingly tell them to cooperate or....  well, they had just better cooperate.  Once I told Cade to hold his finger in front of his nose for a mustache, things got much better.  He thought that was pretty stinkin' hilarious.  He then thought he should give Maddy a beard and since that was so complicated, Mia took over his mustache.  Once they drew a crowd and got entertaining comments from onlookers, it was no longer a chore to perform for mom.
 Maddy - stop smiling (although smiling is her favorite)!  Lets try that again.

 Much to the dismay of my lousy knee and not-so-easily-entertained children, we did the little walk around the place.  It was quite lovely and smelled like no stress.  Eric said he felt life and stress go further away with each breath he took.  Certainly worth some hassle and an $11 entrance fee!

 Heading back to the parking lot....
Oh, the kids have started to get annoyed with us about trying to find license plates.  They wouldn't let us drive around the Rushmore parking lot to seek them out!  What's up with that?  If we are ever going to get Washington D.C. or Hawaii, that is the place.  Sigh.... today's youth.  They have no passion.

Driving through Wyoming you see a lot of antelope.  Or, as Cade said, “I think I saw a cantaloupe!”  I guess it is possible that there was a cantaloupe....

We stayed in a lovely little hotel in Rawlins, Wyoming  where there was no fitness center so I put on my best senior citizen face and did some water aerobics.  It was actually quite fabulous considering that I haven't been able to exercise hardly at all in recent years.  Mainly due to migraines that come each and every day I tried to work out at high altitude.  And more recently because of bad knees... one really bad knee in particular.  Since I sound like a senior (I'll give you a quarter if you rub my bunion.... and I'll give Audrey a quarter too.....) and my body seems to be functioning in that category, I may as well exercise like one.  The kids enjoyed my workout as they (minus Maddy) jumped over me into the pool each time I passed.
After 45 minutes I thought I had come up with the best work out in the world for my situation until I started walking a bit and discovered that the bottoms of my big toes were completely thrashed.  Hm.  Do I have to go all the way and get aqua socks?
Dominos pizza (are we in Ecuador?) and root beer (no we are not!) in the room made a dandy dinner and that was that for day three.

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