Friday, August 16, 2013

day last.... and we're here

The ever-important tally from yesterday:
And now on to the day at hand....
Have you ever encountered a swam of locust?  Kinda like in the Bible or Little House on the Prairie?  No?  Well, I haven’t either.  But we felt like we have.  We were driving along and all of a sudden bug after bug starting hitting our windshield.  Splat.   Splat, splat.  We could see the bugs coming - black things coming at us, and then splat, it would hit.  It was rather disgusting.
We drove past a cemetery today and Lucy yells “Oh!  Dead People!”  Frightening child.

In Grand Forks, Eric dropped the kids and I off at Perkins for lunch and he headed to a storage place to unload our material possessions.  We finished up (yes, of course the kids had pancakes) and waited outside for a little.  

He came back after about 15 minutes, picked us up, and we headed off to bring the trailer back.  Another 15 minutes or so and we were off again, feeling much lighter in weight but perhaps a tad bit more heavy in heart.  There was a little concern over the up-coming border crossing.

God is so good.  I mean, He always is, but it is particularly wonderful when you clearly see Him work on your behalf.  Crossing the border was quick and easy.  Where are you from?  Where are you going?  Do you have any fire arms, alcohol, tobacco, etc. etc. etc.?  Whose car are you driving?  Do you have any one other than Canadian and American citizens in your vehicle?  Have a great day.....   That was about that.  Off we drove into our new beginning in Manitoba.
 (only one new one today - New Mexico)
It reminds me again that He too will take care of housing, school, jobs and all of that.  We seek Him, love Him, obey Him and trust Him and really, He takes care of everything else.  Everything.

We are here now, at my brother and sister-in-laws.  More prayers answered and more things to watch God work out.  He is faithful.

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