Sunday, June 16, 2013

bye bye kitty

Kitty is gone.
We had a lot of trouble finding a new home for Nolly.  We were starting to get a little worried.... then we had a glimmer of hope.  Someone thought they new someone who wanted a lovely little cat.  We were all excited because this was an older, single lady who needed company.  Perfect match.  Unfortunately, this lady decided she needed a kitten.  I have words for that decision but I won't say them.  Anywho, we were giving our guard a bunch of stuff and Eric asked if they perhaps wanted a cat as well.   They said yes!  Hurrah!
The only problem is that they wanted to take it that very night.  In ten minutes, in fact, since they don't have a vehicle and Eric was giving them a ride.  So we had very little time to say goodbye before Eric whisked her away.

 Homemade cat carrier invented by yours truly....
After Eric left with the guard, I was left to wipe away all the tears.  And there were plenty, let me tell you.  Plenty.

On another note.....  How do you know when someone is moving and selling about 90% of their personal belongings?
 When you get a beautiful bouquet of flowers (as a thank you for making the costumes for the 6th grade play) and you end up putting them in this....
 An old water bottle.

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