Thursday, June 13, 2013

muchas actividades

The end of the year always has so much going on.  This year, with moving to another country again, it seems like it is beyond what is possible for a family to handle.  And yet, look at me!  I'm still blogging (not much, but I'm trying!).
A big thing came to a grand conclusion last weekend.  The sixth grade play.  Every year the two sixth grade classes at AAI do a musical.  The last few years they have done Christian productions, which honestly I am always kind of critical of (they are usually pretty cheesy).  This one, however, was pretty good.... still a little cheese but done in a great way.
Mia had a great part and did an amazing job.  The story was a sort of "This is Your Life" kind of thing about Joseph.  Mia was Joseph's stewart, named "Stew".  She was also a back-up dancer for one song.
The whole production was really well done and I was impressed with Mia's dramatic abilities.... except that she is so focused it doesn't look like she is having any fun!  That part will come!

They did four performances.  Two evening shows for the public and two day shows for the other elementary classes.  Lucy looks like she is not really having a good time here, but she did really enjoy it.... I think!

Before we decided that we were moving, I committed to making costumes and props.  It was a little overwhelming but at least they were simple.  And of course I don't like saying no to a creative outlet!
Cade also got to watch his sister.   I was cracking up at his good friend in the yellow.  His sister was also in the play and apparently he learned all of the choreography with her.  He was in his seat dancing around doing all the motions.

Last Friday we also had a Goodbye assembly.  They mentioned all of us staff and faculty who are leaving, showed pictures of all of those same people, showed the video I did again (more on that in the next post) and then had a time of prayer for all students, staff and faculty who are leaving (there are a lot of us!).  I sat across the gym from Lucy, Cade and Mia so I got a few photos....  Lucy looks pretty proud to be standing!

Cade's friend (same one who was chair dancing) gave new meaning to "laying on of hands" while we prayed!
I couldn't find Mia at all and Maddy was on the same side that I was.  She doesn't look quite as emotional as I thought she'd be!
And then on Saturday was the Junior-Senior Banquet.... the big event of the year.  They asked me to photograph the event, including taking formal pictures of the students.  
It was quite eventful.  The original location that they chose for me was nice but it was super windy.  The studio lights, which I borrowed from the school, kept blowing over.  Not good.  So a parent who was helping (also the pastor of our church here) helped me find a new location.  It was still outside but a little more sheltered.  He also found cinder blocks to weight the lights down, but I was still nervous.  But the show must go on, right?  So I start testing things out and wham-o!  One of the lights catches a gust and blows into the pool!!  I yell for this guy who has been helping me, unplug the light and he pulls it out of the pool!  Now I am freaking out.  Are they going to work?  If I try it, am I going to get electrocuted?  Will they blow up my camera?  He says it will be fine (what is he, an electrician?) so I go for it.  And sure enough, everything was fine.  Thankfully the club that we were at posted one of their workers with me to hold that light the entire rest of the time I took pictures!

I was so honored as next year's ASB student government leaders asked if they could take a photo with me, even though I don't get to work with them next year.  I'm sooooo sad that I don't get to work with them.

It was a great stream of events but I'm pretty thankful that that weekend is over.... it was exhausting!

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