Saturday, November 12, 2011


A little while ago I took some photos of a sweet little 5 week old.  He is the son of Alaina (and Loren, of course!)... the beautiful pregnant lady I was able to also photograph.  Sweetest family.  The sweetest.
The goal was to get pictures of their little Zane while he was still the constantly sleepy and moldable.  Unfortunately, that was not possible, so at five weeks, we were finally able to make it work.  While still completely adorable, he wasn't too happy about having his picture taken.  He also wasn't too thrilled with us wanting him to remain still.  A wiggly worm, that one.  I kept telling Alaina that she was going to have to watch out for him when he starts crawling, which honestly seems like it will be soon.  We had to watch him very closely as he almost got out of the basket a few times.  He's going to be a mover and a shaker!  Alaina kept nursing him to get him to sleep but he would have no part of it!  
While I couldn't get focussed on him a lot of the time, I was able to get some good ones.  As you can tell, he is as sweet as he is squirmy!

 Alaina had a great idea of photographing their wedding rings on Zane's toes.  Super cute idea of which Zane was a little too fast and clever for us!
 In very short order he figured out how to brush the rings off of his foot using the free one.  Pretty smart kid - it was no fluke either.... he did it consistently every time we put the rings back on.  It was pretty hilarious!
 Don't let this cute little "sleeper" fool you......
 .....He was currently fighting sleep for all he was worth.  I happened to get a few snaps in while his eyes were heavy, but he managed to fight off the fatigue!

You can probably tell from the pictures, but Zane seems to be getting his mom's beautiful reddish/auburn hair.  He's going to be a looker, this one (isn't he already?).  Better watch out for him, Loren and Alaina!

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