Tuesday, November 29, 2011

santa clause movie marathon

I was all excited about this day.  It was something I wanted to do last year, but I thought of it too late.  So this year, what better time than Thanksgiving weekend?
Well, it could have been better, as only one family was able to make it, but it was still a really good time:
A Santa Clause Movie Marathon
These are the three movies where Tim Allen plays Santa Claus.
We started at around 2:00 and first filled up with goodies - white chocolate popcorn made by Marlo and cookie dough truffles (an experiment for the sale - successful, I might add) made by yours truly.  Oh, and hot chocolate and leftover pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving (it did end up tasting rather yummy).

We hauled lots of cushions and whatnot into the family room, borrowed a projector to watch it big screen and some speakers for almost-surround sound (really not anywhere close to surround sound, but a nice attempt).
After the second movie we took a break for dinner.  Slop.
I really do have to post that recipe one of these days - it is another that falls under the "looks gross, tastes good" category.  It was requested by Marlo and I was happy to oblige.
After we were done the third movie, the kids asked to watch Elf.  Um.... methinks three movies in one day is plenty, thank you very much!
At first I was a little disappointed because the day was hot and sunny.  I was kind of hoping for more cozy, stay inside, snuggle and watch movies kind of weather.  After a little while the clouds did roll in, it cooled of and started to rain and hail so loudly we could barely hear the movie even with the sound at max.  I guess I got my wish.
While normally I wouldn't recommend so many movies in a day, it was a very fun thing to do.  It will probably need to become an annual event.  Perhaps we'll just avoid Thanksgiving next time.

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