Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things are golden

After rejoicing to many people that I have been headache free for a whole week, I got a headache today. Not a migraine, thank goodness.  It most likely, although I hate to admit it to Eric, is because I exercised today.  A little frustrating as this body has not been able to do much activity for three months - and it shows.  Feeling a little (or a lot) mushy.
Despite the headache, I worked on a few items for the craft sale.  I used gold and silver paint pens.  These particular paint pens I have not used for almost 2 years.  Upon first use, they exploded.
First on our fairly new coffee table and all over my hand (silver)
 and then on the other half of my hand and my favorite sweatshirt.  I'm not sure if I should be more mad at the pens for exploding or myself for not wrapping myself and my work area in plastic wrap.  I sought to clean up immediately but to no avail.... the stuff dries rather rapidly.  Tomorrow I might try a little paint thinner, but for now I have inhaled enough fumes.  Besides, now I can call myself "Gold Finger".
One of the things I was working on, besides stuff for the craft sale, were some little advent gifts for some friends.
 I wrapped two packs of gum up together (imported gum) and made a little 24 day Christmas countdown.
 Each pack of gum has twelve pieces, so I numbered the backs - one for each day.
 Then on the backs I put "24 Names of Jesus" - to celebrate His character throughout the month.
I would love love love to be the creative genius behind this clever idea.  I'd love to be, but I'm not.  I saw it online here (and hers are much cuter - I didn't take much time to make them).  
I only made four - but if I can find this type of gum here tomorrow, I might make 6 more for the three youngest' teachers and teachers aides.  I wanted to make some for the sale too, but since the month will have already started, I don't know if they will sell.  Maybe I'll put out a few for the sale on the 4th and see if anyone will bite.  Nothing wrong with having four pieces of gum the first day, right?

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