Monday, November 28, 2011

spirit week (well, half week)

Last week at school the kids had spirit week:  Monday, triplet day; Tuesday, crazy hair day; Wednesday, team color day and team games.
Here is a little crazy hair for you:
Lucy - two braids and a pony-tail.  That was as crazy as she would let me go.  Mia - one braid, one pony tail, one bun.  Crazy.  Cade - 24 ponytails, or "howny noughts".  I told the kids a few weeks ago how my siblings and I use to take baths together and when we washed our hair we would make howny/horny noughts - basically points of hair coming out of the top front of our heads.  I really don't know how "nought" is supposed to be spelled.  Perhaps "nowt" would be better.  Anywho, they are quite fond of the term and Cade wanted a whole whack of howny nowts.  The picture would indicate otherwise.
But he did want them, he really did.  At the end of the day, however, he did not want anything to do with nowts.  The nowts were hurting his noggin.
Wednesday was the whole team day.  Two grades were paired up together and each student was paired up - one from each grade.  First grade was with the sophmores - the red team.  Lucy with her partner:
Fifth and eighth grade were together - the purple team.  So Maddy and Mia were paired up!
Second grade and the juniors were together - the grey team.  Cade got to be partners with his buddy from Sunday school - one of his teachers.
They did the make-you-vomit-and-fall-over-to-break-your-neck-game of putting your forehead on a bat and spinning around 10 times, then running back to your team game.  Personally I detest that game.
One time around on the bat for me and I am ruined for the day.
Then they gave a bag of food to each team and they had too all help eat it all as fast as they could.  Our buddy Luke wolfed down an banana pretty fast.
Although we had no desire for him to succeed - he was, of course, on the enemy blue team.  Cade gave no one grief helping out in this one.  He knocked back half a jar of maraschino cherries without any complaints!
And then he even followed it up with some crackers.  Can't say he didn't participate!
The third game was dressing up in a robe, a sport coat and a top hat and then running to the team leader to get a puzzle piece.  Then disrobing, and having the next person go until all the pieces were received.  Then the puzzle needed to be assembled.
I'm not exactly sure where that kid's sport coat is....
The final game?  A fairly relaxing one by the looks of it:

All the members of each team had to spell out words, using each person on the team.  It doesn't look like any of the kids were too hard-pressed about this one, either!
Sad to say none of the kids' teams won.  It ended up being the green team - the third graders and seniors. There is a theory going that the seniors always win - due to some maneuvering of numbers.  I can't tell you if that is an urban legend or not but time may tell....

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