Friday, October 28, 2011

longing for

The perfect day in my mind right now:
Cold - so much so that you pretty much have to snuggle on the sofa in your jammies and a very soft blanket (but not so much so that your feet and nose would freeze going to the bathroom or kitchen).  Watching movies - fun, feel good Christmas ones that I haven't seen before or haven't seen for a while (I think those might be few).
Company - Eric and the kids (who are mellow and well behaved).  If we had a ginormous sofa and large screen TV, I'd have some family friends over as well (with their kids also being mellow and well behaved - although that goes without saying...)
Eating - yummy, hot, mildly spicy chili in a bread bowl with cheese melted over the top, runny over the sides (french onion soup style).  The cheese should be slightly crispy on top.  Dessert/snacks would be my Auntie Phyllis' ginger snap cookies (I had the recipe once, lost it in all the moves.... but it might not work up here anyway...), my mom's chocolate log-roll and some almond roca (since this is my dream world - the previously mentioned deliciousness would be calorie free so I could have as much as I want).
Drinking - ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper in my perfect turquoise soda-drinking glass (only one left - the other one broken... the downside of thin glass) with the chili.  Then ice cold milk (from North America preferably.... still not completely adjusted to the milk here) with dessert, and a side of Chai Tea - the creamy kind but could still use a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

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