Sunday, October 9, 2011

gone are lazy Saturdays

Yesterday marked the first of many Saturdays in which we (we being Eric and I) will no longer be able to sleep in.  I'm not even that sad about it.  And I might not even be that affected if I have a Sunday following those Saturdays like today.... although that is highly unlikely.  Today I slept in until 10:15, felt like crap, stayed home from church, stayed awake long enough to have breakfast and read my bible, fell back asleep on the couch and slept for another three and a half hours.  While I was trying to drag myself off the sofa around 3:30, I had a very strong feeling that Eric must have drugged me last night.  Now I am functioning, blogging obviously, but my head is still fuzzy and I'm longing to go back to bed.  I'm sure that feeling will last up until 9:00 at which time I will be wide awake, headache-free and perky.

Moving on, Cade and Lucy have started playing baseball!  We are pretty darn excited about it.  Cade's age group is playing machine pitch and Lucy is playing T-ball.  They are playing on an English league run basically by parents whose kids go to Cotopaxi international school (where most North American embassy kids go).  And we are super excited because they are on the same teams as their friends Jordan and Molly Bryans, so we get to hang out with friends too.
Yesterday was just a practice day.  
 Eric helped Cade practice throwing and catching.  He made a lot of progress just practicing that little bit.
 Then it was time for some batting practice and a scrimmage  (Jordan is in the yellow).

 The girls' practice was after, so they played and watched the boys.

 Eric commented on the lack of appropriate sized head protection for our son - likening him to Jack-in-the-Box.
 Then it was the girls' turn.  Mia helped them out a little.
 Lucy has a little way to go with her baseball skills.  I'm hoping, although the evidence thus far proves otherwise, she has not inherited her mother's abilities in the field of athletics.

 While watching the girls practice, I met another mother whose family is in Ecuador because of the military.  Her husband is in the army.  She was great and we connected very well.  But even better was that she told me how she had been suffering from migraines due to altitude!  Now, of course I am not glad that she is suffering, but it was so wonderful to have some reassurance that I am not insane, nor am I the only one who suffers.
She said that she had gone to the doctor with the US embassy about it and he informed her that about 15% of people who move here have this issue.  Some of them never adjust and either have to learn to live with it or move away.  Occasional waves of nausea and dizziness are common too - which I also have but haven't really talked much about since the headache thing is the dominant issue.  Later in the day the topic came up with some people at the birthday party (to be seen later) and they mentioned two other people that they know who have suffered from this as well - and even much worse.  Anyway, it gave me some peace of mind knowing that I am not alone, nor am I imagining what I am going through (sometimes I think I am becoming psychosomatic).

Later in the afternoon, Molly had a birthday party.   Earlier in the week I attempted to make a birthday present for her.  Everything that could go wrong with it pretty much went wrong.  The sewing machine in particular was making a mess of things.  Actually, I think it was the thread.  It kept tearing and I would have to rethread the machine after sewing just a few stitches.  Finally I took the whole thing apart and started again, doing the whole thing differently.... but by that time the shirt I was working on was getting wrecked.  I tried to salvage what I could - it was now a mission of conquering the project rather than a mission of love for Molly, I must say.  I can hardly believe I actually still gave it to her.  From far away it looks good, but looking up close - not so nice.  I'm going on "its the thought that counts"!
 At the party, the kids painted pumpkins!!!  Or, I guess squash.
 But the Bryans found some at one of the markets, so I think I am going to get some to have a little fall festivity and decór.  Pretty excited about it!
 The girls dressed up like princesses - all but Molly and Lucy.  Molly went for the pirate look and Lucy just wore some fancy shoes.
 We all had a pizza for lunch and then cupcakes, of course.  It was a Hello Kitty party - much to Cade's chagrin (even though the party was for Lucy to go to and the Bryans just allowed the rest of us to come).  He threw a fit about having to use a pink Hello Kitty plate for his pizza, so he refused to eat for a while.  Finally they ran out of those plates so he got to have a plain white one.  I pointed out that all the men were using those plates and they were okay with it.  I also mentioned how our identity shouldn't be caught up in a paper product that gets thrown away after we use it - but these things didn't help.

Later for party favors, Cade was given a Hot Wheels car.  It was purple.  Apparently this was another assault on his manhood and started crying again (Doesn't the crying seem like more like an assault on his manhood??  Just saying....).  Regardless of these particular issues, the kids had a great day and we are looking forward to many more Saturdays filled with fun friendship times.

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