Thursday, October 20, 2011

busy, busy

For quite a while now I have desired my kids to be involved in something - almost anything.  None of them have really wanted commitments outside of school.  I was always the mom who swore "I'm not going to let my kids get over-committed and be involved in a million different things."  But I always thought they would be involved in some things at least.
This fall I am finally getting a little taste of what it would be like to have the kids involved in a bunch of stuff - and I'm not a fan.  I got my wish - they are all doing something - and I know it is good for them, but where are my nice afternoons at home with all the kids?

Monday - Lucy, soccer
Tuesday - Mia, soccer
Wednesday - Lucy, Awana; Maddy - Guardians (youth group type thing)
Thursday - Lucy, soccer; Cade, baseball
Friday - Mia, soccer
Saturday - Lucy and Cade, baseball

You may notice that the youngest one is involved in the most.... its really great for her, actually, but she does get awfully tired at times.  Thankfully, soccer is over at the end of November and baseball is done at the end of January.
The weekends are busier too.  Our family is actually starting to have a social life.  And this coming weekend will be no exception - 2 birthday parties, baseball, a sleepover, and of course, Casa G.  This past weekend Lucy went to a friends for night, we had baseball - no pictures - and then Maddy and I were invited to a tea with three of her closest friends and their moms.  We got there a little earlier to help set up.

 Marlo made cucumber sandwiches and scones complete with lemon curd and clotted cream (Devonshire cream) and of course - tea.  So good.
Before we ate, we did make-up and nails.

 I should have got a close-up of my eyes - pretty fancy.
After we were all done up, we ate.  There aren't any pictures of that since I was to busy stuffing my face (in a dainty and delicate manner, of course) with lemon curd.  Then we went outside to take some quick pictures:  Ayano (from Japan), Hileem (from Korea), Maddy and Mikala (both California girls)
The girls wanted to take some of the moms as well.  One of the moms said that we should do funny faces - so that is what we did.
 Maybe I should say, that is what I did.  I suppose I went a little more extreme than the others.  Very unusual for me.  

Then after the tea, a friend of Lucy's came over.  It was the little girl who went through the tragic situation last spring (or most of her life, in reality).  She is such a sweet girl and we want to give her some nice "real" childhood experiences.  The unfortunate part is that we made a big mistake in letting Lucy have a double sleepover - even though she didn't go to bed late.  She was pretty cranky for her next sleepover, so I'm still hoping and praying that this friend had a good time.

Sunday after church we went with Casa G. to a church fundraiser.  It was for a church that Casa G has done some outreach/missions work with.   They had a lunch to raise money for their school.

 The meal was pretty typical Ecuadorian faire - and very tasty, but not so visually appealing for the gringitos.... rice, yucca and whole fish complete with eyes, heads, scales, fins and bones.

 Even though all of the kids had been served meals like this previously, they were still a bit taken aback.  I was amazing though at how well they did eating it - and it really was very very tasty.  Lucy is usually the least picky, but probably due to her crankiness, she ate the least.  Her friend must have thought she was in a bit of heaven - she gobbled it all up and then some.
After lunch, the boys all played soccer - Casa G against guys from the church, and the kids all played on the grounds.  There were lots of things to do such as playing in the play ground or playing shuffle board.

 Some of the young adults from the church where very sweet in teaching the kids how to play shuffle board.

We were all pretty spent once we got home Sunday evening.  Our poor family isn't quite used to this much activity!

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