Saturday, October 29, 2011

highlights of the big game

No - not that big game.... the World Series game 7 last night.  I can't talk about that because my good friends are from Texas and they are a little devastated.  So I just can't bring it up - although I guess I already did....  The sad/ironic thing is that their eldest son's team is the Cardinals, much to his chagrin, so he had to don his cardinals uniform today for his game.  He tried to get away with wearing his Rangers hat - but that didn't get to far!
The game, or games I'm talking about are our Saturday morning baseball games.  Lets start with Lucy, shall we?
Her and her friend Molly did well, naturally.  It goes without saying, yes?  
 Hit the ball, go to first base, high-five the coach, and all is good (Doesn't the coach know that the high-five is passe and the new, much more cool thing to do is the pound?  Get with the times dude!  We won't talk about my slow transition to the pound.....)
Apparently Lucy got a little confused with the 7th inning stretch.  It became the 6th inning relax-on-the-infield-my-teammates-can-cover-for-me-while-I-rest-a-little-'casue-T-ball-is-excessively-strenuous time.
 She even had a little company.
 I'm not sure why the coaches didn't get her tuckus up and at 'em.  I would have but my tuckus was strapped to my friends camping chair.  Whatever the case, it must have revived her - look at that swing and the distance that ball carried.
 Second base was a good place to "readjust" - it was almost like a major league game with the shifting going on....

 Good sportsmanship is highly encouraged, even if they play the same team every single Saturday (there are only two t-ball teams).  It is hilarious watching as the coaches have them stand in a straight line, put out their hands and then tell them to walk.

On to the big leagues - machine pitch.  Cade and Jordan are on the "bad-news bears" team - actually they are the Orioles, but they could be the bad news bears.  They have the team where the majority shows up about 2 minutes after the game has started, and they aren't "stacked" like the other teams are.  Sort of the leftover kids would do have some connection to the people who organize the whole thing.  And it has showed - losses - mind-blowing losses with very few hits.  But today was a new day!  The practiced batting the other day and it paid off.  We got some hits - a lot of hits!  And they WON against the undefeated team.  Yah boy!

 Cade really likes playing catcher - that is him above with all the gear on.  I'm not sure why he likes it so much as the gear is all much to big for him and it looks like he can hardly move in it (and doesn't much, either).  But he'll grab a ball every now and then and for some reason he loves it.  That was always my nightmare position as the ball constantly came directly at your face.  Fortunately (?) I was so unskilled I hardly ever had to worry about it.
But my boy?  He's got skills - skilz with a z even.

 I'm delighted to inform you that the Orioles won 24-15.  Oh yeah!
And then a little cuteness for you all....

After the game, we stayed and watched Luke's game for a while, but after being in the sun for three hours we were done, so we left before it was over.  And we were hungry - very hungry.  We drove past this sight on the way home.

 You can tell I've lived here a while now.... this sight didn't even spoil my appetite.  But the following sight just about did....
There were live models on the second floor window display of a store called "Valdi".  It wasn't really surprising as their billboards, that are all over, are a lot like that.  It reminds me of some clothing stores/lines in the US as well.
I'm not exactly sure how advertising clothing using half-naked models makes sense.  If you're trying to sell clothes, why not show the clothes?  I guess its just me....

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