Monday, August 15, 2011

rhinestone cowboy, Hume way

The last week in July (to beginning of August) we spent at Hume Lake Christian camp.  Maddy and Mia both went to camp while the remaining four of us rented a room and hung out with other family and friends were there.
Good times.
No sarcasm (its a rarity, I know).

Before hand, Rachel and I prepared the girls for the rhinestone cowboy type theme.  Rach bought some hats from the dollar store and put her lollipop skills (the business I used to be a part of) to good use by putting some rhinestones on them.
Then I went on to stitch some plastic silver stars on them.
Rachel also blinged out some initials on their bandanas.  Definitely the cutest rootin' tootin' very rhinestoned cowgirls at camp.
They close the younger kids' camp ("Wagon Train") so parents can't go and visit which is probably a good thing.  I missed that girl so darn much I would have hung on her the whole time.
But it was okay.  We had our own fun.
Uncle Chris took the kids surfing most days.

Our kids didn't like the surfing too much, which made me quite sad, but the others did.
Fishing was a daily activity.
Maybe I should say "casting" instead.....
Just generally hanging out by the water happened everyday - often at the pool as well.
One day they got really into an "Eye/I Spy" book.
We were kind of chuckling on how they wouldn't ever be that into it if it was a rainy day and we were trying to keep them from getting cabin fever.
One of the most fun things was watching Lucy and Hailey's friendship blossom.
They were pretty cute together.
Or at least they were cute together when they were getting along.
There are times when two strong personalities don't mix.  No, I don't have photographic evidence of this.... just trust me on that one.
We got to see Maddy and her friends occasionally.  They had a great time too.
One of the more challenging times I had was having a front row seat to watching some punk guy flirt with my daughter.
It took most everything in me not to jump in the water and yell "don't talk to my daughter - don't even look at her you good for nothing teenaged boy!!!!"
I tried very hard to just enjoy the fact that she has much more self confidence and comfort in her own skin than I did at her age.  It is a blessing.
Cade loved sitting on daddy's lap and driving the steep, curvy road up to Uncle Chris and Auntie Val's cabin.
But the real draw to Hume, besides the great people, incredible views and fun activities, are the milkshakes.
Cade usually just went for ice cream but their milkshakes are perfection.
It was a great, relaxing week.
And I threw in this pictures, just 'cause Lucy is cute.

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