Monday, August 29, 2011

out of thin air

Last night, when I couldn't fall asleep and I didn't want to drug myself with Nyquil, I thought of a name for a new blog I've been debating on starting:
"Out of thin air"
Sort of a play on my current blog title and relates to the concept of the blog - just all the creative stuff.  How a lot of what I do, and what I like to do most, is create something out of "nothing".  Of course, I have imported a great deal of materials from the good ol' US of A, but I still can't just head out to Michael's, Joann's or a thrift store for wonderful items to do exactly what I want.

I've been debating it for a long time.  I haven't gone ahead with it because I don't think my motivation is right.  Why would I do it?  Does it benefit anyone besides feeding my swollen enough head?
I've had moments of good intent, but they are a little too fleeting.
If I feel that it can serve a purpose in glorifying Christ (and more so - believe that is what I am called to do), I'm ready.   So far, as with most creative blogs, it seems to do much more in just glorifying the author (I am absolutely not saying that is what all of their personal purposes and goals are).  I don't need any more self-glorification!

I already struggle with posting what I do post at times.  So lets be clear:
Look at the little write-up thingy under the title of this blog.
While more often than not, I am ashamed to say, I do creative things just because I like it, I really want it to bring glory to God.  Thankfully, even when my motivation isn't pure, He still can turn it around and make it right.  As God made me a creative person in His image, I honestly do feel that God glorifies Himself as I use the creative abilities I have - and I have them ONLY because He gave them to me.  I breath more deeply of Him when I am exercising the gifts/abilities He has given me.
It's kind of like "Chariots of Fire" (que the music in your head) - Eric Liddell says "I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast.  And when I run I feel His pleasure."  
God made me, all of us, for a purpose.  He made me creative.  I can glorify Him that way.  And when I make things, when I create, I feel His pleasure.

So this is a confession and a declaration:  
I'm human and prideful.  
God is the giver of all good things and uses them to show snippets of who He is to all of us.

So now, the first creative endeavor of the new (school) year:
The first week we were back in California, Bath and Body works was having their big clearance sale.  Always looking for gifts (especially while at home - much more selection, much, much less money) I took advantage.  I bought a few bottles of hand soap, not sure what I would do with them.
We managed to get them here with only about 1/3 of a bottle full spilling all over the contents of the suitcase.  Did I mention I double bagged them?  Regardless of precautions, there was sticky pink soap over a number of items. 
Anywho, yesterday I thought that perhaps I could use the other bottles as gifts for the kids' teachers.  You know, to butter them up, get on their good sides, do a little brown-nosing and make the year a breeze for our children. 
 I jest.
So I made little labels on the computer that said "Hope we have a "soap-er" year.  "Pump-ed" to have you as my teacher."  I made the mistake of asking Maddy if it was too cheesy - which I already knew the answer too.  I knew I was going to do it anyway, so I'm not sure why I asked.  It wasn't in the plans anyway to give one to all her teachers, which was good, because she never would have done it.  But seriously, who doesn't like a little cheese every now and then?
I mod-podged (one of my imports.... regular white glue does not work as well, trust me) the labels over the originals, made tags for the kids to sign, and tied them on with lovely little pieces of twine I ordered when back in America Norte.
Very fast, very simple but hopefully just a little something to show the teachers that they are most definitely appreciated (and to subtly tell them that they better give my kids A+ or they've got another thing coming, and it ain't bubble bath!   Again, I jest....).

It felt good to create again.

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