Wednesday, August 10, 2011

me, the guest speaker

My my, I am a slacker amn't I?
I know, amn't ain't a word.....

I have been having a difficult time getting it all done - blogging included.  Especially wanting to have a wee bit of time to hanging out in the evenings.

Anyway, back almost 2 weeks ago I was a guest speaker at a Ladies Tea.
Let me just say that again:  I was the guest speaker.
Never thought I'd see the day.

But seriously folks, this small church in a town 45 minutes away contacted me a little while ago as their missionary speaker was called quickly away to return to their mission field.  They found me through our organization, International Teams.
 It was a great opportunity to share what is going on with missions in Ecuador and more specifically, what is going on in our ministry with Casa Gabriel.
Initially I wanted to make a video but then remembered that we had one made for us, so I went to go that route.  Unfortunately, for various reasons, we were unable to use any computer media that I had planned (and not planned well, mind you).  So it was just me and mic.
It seemed to me, while preparing for this event and realizing that I probably wouldn't have anything to show.... and then showing up and finding out for sure that I didn't have anything to show, that God was taking this opportunity to teach me about depending on Him a little bit more.
It would have been much more "grabbing", in my opinion, to have something visual.  In the end, however, I had to just rely on God and His work to hopefully speak through me and engage the people through my mere words.
 All in all, the event went well.
Yes, I was nervous.
Yes, it was just me talking away.
But all in all, I just pray that one or two might become interested in oversees missions and one or two or twenty would desire to pray for us and God's activity out there.

It was quite amazing really, this little church.
There were about 35+ women there on this Saturday afternoon in summer.  35 women out of a church of about 75-80 people!!  Now that is an impressive percentage.
Maddy came with me for moral support.
After a lady spoke about teas around the world, it was my turn.  And after me was the actual tea - or lunch.  Maddy and I sat with another mother and her 13-year-old daughter which was great.

I'm pretty sure that I won't ever become a "real" guest speaker - although stranger things have happened. In the meantime, however, this was a great experience with a great group of Christ-loving women.

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