Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a little beautification

Today was a really good day.
Really good.  I liked it.

It all started with a walk with a friend and a chance to catch up after both being away for the summer.  
It really is a great way to start a day.
Then I had a shower.
Yes, that too is always a positive piece to put in a day.
But the real kicker was what happened after the shower.
 Not an appealing picture, I realize.
Let's zoom out a little.
 You know where I'm headed?

The whole while in North America I knew it was time for a trim but I didn't want to spend the average $40 when I knew I could get a great cut here for less than $20.
Now that I'm here, I sigh and roll my eyes thinking about making an appointment, finding a way to the salon and getting it done.  Too much work.
So I took matters into my own scissors.
A little over an inch off in length, cut more layers (about 3 and a half inches off for the shortest layers) and cut bangs.
Scary, I know.
Probably not the most brainy move I've ever made, but remember, I said it was a good day.

Now, when I was in high school I would consistently start tearing up every single time I got my hair cut.  Yes, I would cry.  The hairdresser could have just given me a half inch trim, but I would always be devastated.  I knew I looked just horrible, my hair would never been the same and people would definitely laugh at me.  
My life, as I knew it, was over.
After a day or two of moping in the mirror, I would eventually get over myself until the next trim.

It's good to see I have grown up a little in some areas.
Now I just thought, well, if I mess it up, it'll be the same as it was in a few months - no big deal.... and I have several hats to choose from.  Plus I've already snagged the man of my dreams so I don't have to impress anyone.....  High school is a little different than that.

So anyway, here is the big reveal:
I am actually quite happy with it. 
When I went through they day and got no positive feedback, and then when the kids got home from school and Lucy looked at me and screamed "What did you do to your hair?", and Mia said sort of snidely "Why did you cut bangs?".... well, I got a little paranoid (Cade, surprisingly, had little to say).  Perhaps it really was a big mistake. 
But my darling husband reassured me that I looked as beautiful as I did on the day we married, so now I'm fine again.  
(Okay, he didn't really say that, but he did say he liked it - smart man.)

In the afternoon, I went to the nursery with two friends.
Pardon me, I went to about 8 nurseries with two friends.  As with pretty much anything that you want to buy in this country, you have to go to a certain town/vicinity to get a certain product.  We went to the nursery district.
I repeatedly lamented over not bringing my camera, as the whole event was rather fun and definitely blog-worthy.  Initially Marlo and Renae were probably glad that I had left it behind - it would have slowed us down and they may have gotten irritated with having their own personal paparazzi following them around.  After my constant moaning about it, however, they probably wished I had it just so I would shut my pie holder (as opposed to cake hole..... it's a college thing)
But don't you worry your pretty little heads, 'cause 1) next time I won't be so forgetful and 2) I took some pictures of what I bought!!!  I know you are super excited!!!

 Pretty, right?
I picked orangey/corals and yellows (they look more pink in the pictures) because I am starting to feel that urge for all things autumn.  Those colors go a little more that direction but will still be bright and pretty when the urge for spring hits (I have to go with the urges since we don't really get those wonderful, distinct seasons - really really miss that).
But the piéce de résistance?
 While not enticing photography, it is a lemon tree (with a cherry tomato and basil plant beside)!
Pretty excited about the smell of the blossoms and the yumminess of the produce!

 Finally, while I was making a tasty dinner of chicken and bacon pockets with a side of spinach strawberry salad (requested by Maddy, who ended up at a friend's for dinner), my children went outside to play!  That delighted my heart.
They don't do that very often, much to my chagrin.  
This summer was great as they were outside a lot with their cousins (evidenced by their very blonde hair and tanned skin) but normally they don't go out much on their own.  I long for them to get out, without me pushing them, and enjoy some fresh air.
They did it and had a great time.

It was a great way to start the close of a great day.  I'd like more of those.

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