Saturday, June 19, 2010

a visit

We have been invited to our empleada's (maid) house for lunch today. I love her. I am going to miss her. While half of the time I am struggling to understand what she is saying, mainly because she speaks so fast, she still manages to make me laugh. A lot. She has shared much of her life with me - not an easy one - and I am so grateful. It will be sad to say goodbye. And then there is trying to keep in touch. #1 problem - I stink at it; #2 problem - she doesn't have a computer. Oh Lord, help me!!
So back to the invitation. I'm really nervous. Not sure why. Maybe it is because I am not going to be on my "own turf" so to speak and so all my comforts are gone (well, Eric will be there too and so that is a fairly large comfort!). But it bothers me that I am nervous about it. I just hope that we can be a blessing to her as she has been to us. God has got to help with that too. And knowing Him, He is faithful.

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