Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sad boy tears

We got a package today from my mom. So sweet of her. She sent books for the two oldest, a cool flashlight for our son and a movie for our youngest. And then a olympic stuffed animal and key chain for each of them. Problem is, upon opening the package - no flashlight, stuffed animals or key chains. Upon closer examination, the package was opened and resealed and - obviously - stuff taken. Poor sad boy tears began. He got nothing.
But they left the stuff that was in English.
So once we get to Quito, we are on the hunt for a cool flashlight. It may cost us as much as it cost my mom to buy all the contents of the package and the mailing cost combined.....

Oh, lunch at our Empleada's: Wonderful time was had by all.
She lives in a very very poor neighborhood, but has one of the nicest homes there. To me, it shows evidence of her hard work, care, discipline and faith in God to provide for her. Most of the houses around her are made of rusty corrugated metal. Streets are all mud.
She had her three grandchildren there - whom we all had met those kids - they live with her. Then her cousin and a neighbor. Great people, great food. She showed us a photo album that she has of all the families that she has been an empleada for, for over the past 25 years or so....all missionaries and students of the language school. You can tell she loves all the families and loves to serve the Lord by serving the families. We are so blessed to have her.
I was a little sad that we didn't bring the kids - they were invited, but with how shy they are and picky about food, we just didn't want to have to deal with it....and of course, the youngest is close to always causing grief and we just wanted to be able to visit. But looking back, it would have been great for them to have been there. Seeing how content the family is in a very very small house, with very little, in a highly dangerous and downright (and literally) crappy neighborhood. They have been exposed to this before, and I know they will again, but we know her so well that it would have been good. Well, God will still work that out in them just as He is working it out in me.

Two more days in Costa Rica.

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