Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bruised cheekbones

Sunday, our first full day in Quito was full. And a little overwhelming. And a little great. Or a lot great.
We hung out at Casa Gabriel, our ministry, with the guys there, some of their family members and some other missionary staff. Too many wonderful people all in the same place.
One problem: there is a greeting here in Ecuador that I need to work on. It is a wonderful custom. It is the touch-right-cheeks-together-and-kiss-the-air greeting. You do this with everyone (everyone) who is at the place you arrive at, and everyone who comes after you will also do it to you when they arrive. It is also done with everyone (everyone) when you leave, and everyone who leaves before you. Needless to say - it is something you do a lot. It is beautiful in that everyone is included, welcomed and it is somewhat intimate. It just sort of connects you right away. Love it.
However, this little custom is not coming easy to me. I seem to go in on the cheek touching too hard and smashed cheekbones with several people. Yes, it isn't a big deal. But remember, there were a lot of people at Casa G. on Sunday. There was a lot of coming and going. There was a lot of hellos and goodbyes.... Therefore there was a lot of cheek smashing on my part. Bone on bone, covered with just a little flesh for protection isn't working well for me. I need lessons on the approach. After that I'm good.
Maybe that should be part of our training.
So glad we are here.

Side note: Need to make sure I drink more water. Not something I'm good at. Something that is, apparently, even more important at high altitude. Headaches, lots of headaches, with out water.

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