Monday, April 21, 2014


Today is really the first day that I've felt super-lonely since we've moved here.  The first time I have really longed for making friends. Actually, that isn't even true - I'm just longing to be around my friends (I am in no way against making new ones…. don't worry!).  I've always missed my friends but I've understood that we can't be together.  Today my heart is breaking that I don't have anyone.
I'm longing for a girls weekend but I don't have any girls.
That isn't really true.  I have wonderful family-girls with whom I adore spending time with, but they have their own lives, you know?  So they can't do everything with me.  And I get that.  I've moved into their already very established lives.  We've moved into pretty much everyone's well established lives…. and it kind of sucks.
It'll all be okay. But in the meantime, I'm lonely.

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