Monday, April 21, 2014

apple bottom jeans

My little project today:
 What I really want to do is make a area rug out of these jean labels.  I think it would look very cool.  It would be even more cool if they were all real leather and I had about six times more of them.  My collection so far only makes a small door mat.  Maybe in time.  Or maybe I could be satisfied with what I have and just make it into a piece of artwork to hang on the wall.  I'm sure my family will think I am loony because of it but I am quite smitten with the whole thing.  Even just the picture of them would be great on the wall.  I'm kind of really super in love with the bottom picture.
 One of my bigger questions is whether I keep the ones that aren't leather or pleather at all.  Still not sure about that.  But I am excited about the possibilities. 
Knowing myself, I should probably just use what I have right now, frame it and stick it up on the wall or they will just sit there for years until I maybe acquire enough for my desired 4 x 6 foot area rug, at which time I may be entirely sick of the idea.
But if you are getting rid of some jeans and they have a leather patch, hang on to it for me, would you?

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