Thursday, April 17, 2014


Foul mood.
That is what I was in today.  I don't really know why - it was a long day.  It actually was a good day but was centimetreing along (get that? a centimetre is shorter than an inch, so it is even longer than inching, 'cause a centimetre is smaller than an inch.  And we are in a metric-using - sort of - country like the rest of the world, so I need to play to my international audience....)
After what felt like a 19 hour day at work I thought that perhaps I could unwind by doing my therapy - visiting the local thrift store.  I love going there and finding all kinds of crap to fill our over flowing garage great treasures for future projects of wonderfulness.  Only found a little - shucks - but it was most refreshing.  Nothing like the aroma of peoples' discarded trash to bring on the calm.
Then I went to the grocery store.  It is actually kind of like a Walmart with a grocery store in it - called Superstore.  Foul.  It was insane.
Insane.  Now the reason is a good reason - I like it even.  Love it, in fact.  You see, tomorrow is Good Friday and pretty much everything here shuts down.  Ya, like for reals.  It is kind of fabulous and old-school.  Like Good Friday still means something in this here town.  It is great.  No crazy shopping or working on the day we remember one of the top three events in history - and for our future....  Jesus' birth, death and resurrection.  It should shut down.  Forget the noise.
The only problem is that then everyone, their dog and their third cousin four times removed needs to go to the store to stock up for the weekend.  And not just any weekend, but Easter weekend.  And it is a long weekend. And that means food and festivities.  Lots of food and festivities.  I'd make some comment about us being Mennonites and so it is all about the food, but seriously, tell me what culture doesn't make it all about the food?  Everyone says that no matter what their background.  Except maybe a lot of Africa and Haiti - and then that is just really sad....
So the store was packed.  Like Christmas (notice a theme?  the-days-right-before-the-most-important-holidays theme?  perhaps there is a negative distraction called materialism to draw us away from what really matters?  unfortunately usually works on me).  It took me almost two - 2 - stinking hours to get a small cart load of stuff.  So when I got home I was in a foul mood.
But it has actually been a fun foul mood - filled with lots of snide, spunky humour that Eric is getting rapidly sick of and irritated by.  That is why I'm writing now.  So I get my verboseness out on the screen and don't get my teeth handed to me after he punches me in the mouth.
Time to go.  And run for cover.

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