Wednesday, March 5, 2014

stay away

We are a mess of sweaty, snotty, bodies.  All on our little sofa.  I'm sitting (barely) here with a sick Cade on my left and a sick Lucy on my right.  We all have fevers, aches, chills, dizziness, coughs, sore throats and some runny noses.  The blinds are closed because our eyes hurt from the light.  There is no music or other noise because it is just plain irritating.  No stimulation at all. Even typing this is rather annoying, but I'm kind of going crazy, so I'll put up with it for a while.
Last evening Cade sought a little of his own space on the floor.  He slept most of the evening like that.  Before that, the 4 of us (including Eric - he is fighting it) were all huddled on the couch leaning all over each other.
On my right is my sick little Lucy.  Lucy is the ideal sick person.  Sweet, undemanding, affectionate, good disposition.... it is almost a pleasure to have her sick - although of course she is still miserable.  So we don't want her to be miserable, right?  She didn't want me to take any photos of her though.

And me.  Charming sums it up.
Maddy got it last Friday and ended up being miserably sick for four days.  It hit fully for the three of us yesterday, although Lucy and I starting feeling it on Monday.  Maddy still has the cough, Mia has some sniffles and like I said, Eric is feeling it, but fighting it.
Don't come to our house.  You will be happy you didn't!!

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