Thursday, March 6, 2014

must be a thursday

School is cancelled and there is a lot more snow on the ground.... it must be a Thursday.
It has been uncanny how almost without fail, Thursdays, the day Eric delivers the newspaper, is the worst weather of the week.  We've had most days of school-cancellations on Thursdays and it is almost always either the coldest day of the week or the one with the most snow.  Makes delivering newspapers not really seem worth the 23 cents per paper!
But my husband is too tough for all of that - not rain nor hail nor sleet nor ice storm nor -50 can keep him from getting the residents of Steinbach their beloved Carillon news!
Because school was canceled, Mia and cousin Brooklyn helped out.  Lucy desperately wanted to, but was ordered back-to-bed, due to continued illness.  She was not happy!
Side note:  I spelled the word cancelled once and canceled once.  Neither came up as spelled wrong.  So which is it?  One "l" or two?

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