Tuesday, March 11, 2014

spring may be real

It may happen.  Spring may really come.  Yesterday it was plus 4.  Yes - as in above freezing!!!  It is kind of bizarre how when you've had ridiculous temperatures for so long it is shocking to remember that the seasons will change.... spring will come and even.... wait for it.... summer!!!  
And boy-howdy, there is a spiritual/life lesson in that.
The snow on the roof has been slowly pushing over the edges and Eric knocked it down yesterday so that is would stop dripping on the stoop - that could just turn into a break-your-neck-opportunity.
After school the kids were in full play-outside mode.  It was fabulous.  The younger kids had been making snowmen during recess and lunch break at school already - the school ground is littered with them.  So fun.  And now our yard - front and back, has an entire Mennonite family reunion going on.

Lucy had a friend over to play with after school.  She was trying to avoid the camera and I got her mid-jump.  Mia and Brooklyn also went for the first slurpee run for the season.  And Cade was working on his self-control.... not throwing a snowball at his beloved mother.

It still may be a while until spring is actually here.  But we have a reminder of hope.  And I'll take that hope any day.

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