Monday, November 18, 2013

snow day

There will be a lot of these.... I hope.  Days where the kids have an extra day off from school (some inservice or something like that), it is mild out, there is a lot of fresh snow, and their cousins are around - coming over to play.  Those things make our temporary life here on earth enjoyable.
(I have had to remind myself of this temporal life today - I have allowed myself to get worked up about dumb things like renting a house with issues instead of owning, having someone buy the nice second hand sectional I really wanted before we could, stuff like that.  Stuff that, in light of eternity with Christ, is absolute rubbish).
This face reflects a morning of good, snowy fun.  Icy hair, rosy cheeks and chin - partly from cold, partly from exertion from making a snow man and a fort.  Melted snow drops on that cute, perfect little nose.  Love.
Mia, Timaya and Cade got going on a snow fort and before that, Cade, Mia and Lucy man our first snowman, but Lucy came in already before the picture was taken.

And I finished up some of the decorating outside.  The old rusted milk can I bought for a dollar this summer at a garage sale.  The bushel baskets were from garage sales as well.  The garlands and wreath (may gussy it up yet) were thrift store snags. The skis were a wonderful gift from Opa, John.  I love them so much!  The greenery I cut from Brent and Glenda's and our bushes.  The rest?  Skates, sled, ribbons and scarves (tied to look like ribbons).... all stuff I kept in storage at Chris and Val's for the past four years.  And I am so so so happy to have them again.  Ridiculous to be so giddy over little girls skates and such?  Eric may think so, but deep down inside, I know he loves it too.  Very deep.  If nothing else, he likes it because he sees how much I'm loving my snowy winter Christmasy decorating.
Originally the sled with the skates was on the door (and before that, I believe was on Val's door for several Christmases, and before that, was on my door in California for several Christmases, and before that..... spread out at various second hand stores.).  Since everyone was having a bit of a hard time getting in and out of the house (small entry way), I conceded and moved it off to the side.  I little begrudgingly, but I did it.  The wreath at least covers up the not-so-very-attractive "no soliciting" sign that is stuck on the door.

The snowman appreciates it too.  He is the appointed sentinel over the house (and the decor).  We could have used him to protect Cade's pumpkin on Halloween night.  Sadly, Snowy the Sentinel (I'm sure Lucy has already named him something crazy creative like "Snowy the Snowman") has a chilly head and frosty neck, as he was later disrobed in order to keep the kids warm.  I think I have another hat and scarf in my bin of goodies where all of my skates and such were.  We'll take care of him.

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