Tuesday, November 5, 2013

before pinterest

Almost better than eating all of your Halloween candy has got to be going through it.  Over and over.  And separating it into different piles.  And then putting it all right back in the container until the next time you dump it all out and sort it into various piles again.  Not sure what it is, but no matter the kid, they all seem to do it and love it.

 Friday after Halloween my mom had her almost-annual party for the grandkids.  It was our first year in attendance.  The grandkids marveled at how grandma could put together a fun party with creativity without pinterest.  Oh sheesh.  Honey, my mom had all kinds of parties before pinterest.  And I had all kinds of parties for pinterest.  Forget your computer and use your brain, people!!!  (okay, okay, I get that plenty of people don't have that kind of brain).  Here are some highlights of my mom's own brain Halloween party.  And please bear in mind that she is not normally a gross, psycho person.  Really.

 This is my niece.  She normally is a gross, psycho person.  Kidding, kidding, only kidding!

 And now she is smoking a joint.  A Joint.  A joint from one of the finger from the floating ice hand.... as in one of the joints of the finger.  Get it?    Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahha.
 After a dinner of delicacies was served, they decorated pumpkins and gourds.

 And then more delicacies for dessert.

 The kids thought this one was particularly disgusting.  It was hilarious (well, I thought so anyway.....) how the cousins kept asking our kids if they got the joke; if they knew what "yellow snow" was/meant.  I think the cousins are as excited about introducing the kids to the wonders of a Manitoba winter as our kids are to experience it!

 All the kids got prizes from Grandma for their beautiful creations.  There was going to be a contest with various categories but pinterest didn't have any thing on the topic.  Hahaha - okay, we were all too lazy and tired to both with it.   Besides, if there was a ninja pumpkin category, who would have won?

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