Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it is sorta beginning to look a little teeny bit like Christmas

Occasionally it sounds like Christmas - we've played music two or three times since the beginning of November.  I've restrained myself from starting to decorate for Christmas but I probably will after this weekend.  We will wait on a tree though....  But the gift lists are in full effect.
This weekend we are heading to Fargo, ND for the annual head-down-to-Fargo weekend.  It is our first time but my dad, Rose and all the kids, significant others and grandkids have been doing this for a few years now.  Go to a hotel, shop for Christmas presents, swim and eat - and hang out.... hopefully all together.  We are pretty excited because for years now we have heard about everyone doing this but we have been in foreign lands (or the same land, in California, but just too darn far away to join in).
Well, I like to document Christmas wish lists.  Even without the Sears catalogue it is somewhat fun.... although the kids really are missing out on something special now that catalogues are out of date.  Perhaps I should have them crowd around the computer and they can form a pinterest page. 
Enough of my garbage.  Here are the goods (with my random comments, of course)

*Books; anything pretty challenging ( took us a few years to convince her to go beyond Geronimo Stilton, but now a whole new world has opened up to her.)
*Clothes (she is a pre-teen after all)
*Nice drawing utensils (as in no "Rose Art" or dollar store kits, thank you) - pencils, colored pencils, markers,erasers, etc.
Stuffed animals (time to fill up her room again)
Picture frames (for photos of her mom, I'm sure)
Gift Cards (for ideas of what type, see my list below- hahahaha)
*Head phones
*I believe the stars are for emphasis - like those are the things she wants most, but she could have simply neglected to put a * on some of the other things..... what do I know.

Snow Globe
Kindle Fire
Geronimo Stilton Books (I still can't stand them, but they are at least more at her level.... I refuse to have them be the books I read to the kids before bed though.  I just won't do it.  You gotta have standards.)
Stuffed Animals
Candy (because we didn't acquire enough at Halloween??)
Diary with a lock (there are a lot of very private things that go on in the life of an 8-year-old, you know)
Alarm clock
Smelly erasers and markers (gonna get high with a little help from my friends)
Ear muffs
Picture frames (me thinks someone looked on her sister's list)
Hex bug that goes in water (me thinks someone looked on her brother's list)
Spy gear to keep Cade out (ditto..... Cade wrote his first, to be sure)
Cat that is white so we can name it goose - NOT Pato (a little history here...  we've been talking a lot about getting a pet.  Alas, it is only talk because there is a certain husband I have that will not do another pet.  Right now he has the blessed excuse of not being able to because we are in a rental.  That might be part of the reason that he figures we don't need to look to buy right now..... no more good reason not to have a pet.  Anywho, we wanted a dog - done with cats.  But that has gone over like chocolate log roll after 23 kinds of cookies, chocolate fondue, 14 kinds of boxed chocolates and numerous other sweets on Christmas Eve.   Even I might say no.  So we - the kids and I - thought we'd go back to a low maintenance cat.... ensuring that it is a good cat, or course.  Still not happening.  So we have taken to arguing about pet's names.  The kids want "goose".  I want "pato", which is Spanish for duck.  It has a nice ring to it - mostly because you can really annoy your kids when you keep saying  pato, pato, pato in your most obnoxious voice.  Moving on...)
Nerf gun to shout Cade (yes, she wrote shout - she must have Eric's spelling scilz)

Hexbug any bug
Aquabot hexbug with tank
Hexbug nano track
Hexbug nanos bugs
Hexbug nanos v2 bugs
Hexbugs nano v2 track
K'nex (same stuff he didn't want me to bring back from Ecuador, by the way)
NOT clothes
Spy room protecton gear (I think that is protection gear); invisible trip wire; secret sate (no clue what that is) to keep Lucy out
G Stilton books
Snow globe
Fish tank
Pet fish
Fish tank filter
Pet fish tank decorashions (that would be decorations, although I am one to talk....)
Fish tank rocks (mom rocks too)
Nerf rapid fire or semi otomatik (yes, automatic) gun

I don't know because I keep forgetting to ask her to write it down.  But it will probably go something like this:
Clothes from Hollister, American Eagle or Aeropostle
Gift cards to Hollister, American Eagle or Aeropostle
Money so I can shop at Hollister, American Eagle or Aeropostle
iTunes gift card
Money to buy stuff on iTunes
Gift Cards
Cell phone

Me (that would be Carla):
Let me just start by saying I don't think my wish list has been this long since we were first married.  But since we are starting over again and not burdened with a lot of income, the list is rather lengthy and growing every single day.
Kitchen hand towels
bath towels
bathroom hand towels
rubber spatula
good metal whisk
large skillet with lid
large cast iron pan
hand vacuum
bed side tables
side tables
crepe pan
extensions cords
power strips
cozy throw blankets
paring knives
wood or bamboo cutting board
food processor
waffle iron
shoe racks
slippers (I may not be able to wait for Christmas and will break down and buy some for myself.... My feet are freezing!)
metal colander
inexpensive coffee maker (only will be used very very occasionally)
gift certificate to (a website where you can design your own fabric and wallpaper)
gift certificate to (I need curtains, people - okay, want - ... and to reupholster all of my thrift store chairs)
kitchen table and chairs
stuff to organize the entryway, including but not limited to a rubber/plastic boot drip mat thingy
sewing machine
apron (a cute one!)
steam mop
magazine subscription to Real Simple, Canadian Living and/or Click
dish washer (okay, I'll wait until we get our own place)
a job (I do have an interview tomorrow, however....)
really, really warm boots
peace on earth
good will to men

Whatever I (Carla) want

And now that Eric just left the house, it is time for a little more Christmas music.
I'm.... dreaming.. of a white.... Christmas.....  (or, and that too.... SNOW!)

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