Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i love you more

The kids often say that: "I love you more" - when I tell them I love them.  I tell them that it's not possible.  And while I say it somewhat jokingly, as a way of saying that I love them so stinking much, in many ways its true.
I always loved my mom.  She is an incredible woman and I have often referred to her as my hero.  But it wasn't until I had kids of my own that I really got it.  That my love for her became alive, growing.  Being in the reverse role - being the mom myself - made me see how incredibly much a mother loves a child.  Even more, realizing all you do out of love for that child: sacrifices you make, hours agonizing over them - wanting them to grow, wanting them to fall in love with Jesus, the constant prayers.... well, it makes you realize the depth of love and commitment that your mother had for you.  And that just causes your love for your own mother to grow even more.
Love isn't a stagnant thing.  Or it shouldn't be.  It isn't something you just have and then it stays there.  It seems, at least to me, that real love is constantly growing (I should say human love - God's love is so complete and full and deep that it couldn't possibly grow.  It's bounds are already limitless).
And so is our love for Christ.  The more we realize who He is, the more we realize who we are, the deeper our understanding is of what He has done for us, the realization of what He is constantly, currently doing for us, the deeper our love grows for Him.  Human love feeds on Love.  The more Love you see, experience, realize, the more our own love grows.
I feel more "alive" today than I have felt in a long while.  Love, His love is real.  And my love is having a feast.

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