Thursday, May 31, 2012

gone to the birds

It has been a bit of a birdy week.  It all started Monday morning as I was sitting on our chesterfield, reading my bible.  I had the front door open, as I often do, to get fresh air (or smoggy air, to be a little more accurate).  All of a sudden there is a little bird flying above me, fluttering madly around.... and of course Nolly is eagerly following it, wishing it would be flying a little lower.  After a few seconds, it flies into the dining room window and falls to the ground, stunned.  Nolly is at it in a fraction of a second, but thankfully I had grabbed a towel and worked quickly to get the cat out of the way and throw said towel on said bird.  I gently scooped up the bird, deposited the bird outside and closed the door to keep Nolly inside.

Now it is Thursday night and there was just a humming bird in the kitchen.  One of the boys, Jesús, was already here for dinner, so he and Eric attempted to catch it.  First Jesús tried to lure it with the hummingbird feeder, but it was a little too frantic.
 It landed a few times, but most of the time it was just fluttering around the light.
 We finally turned off the lights, I got everyone to be quite and it settled down a bit.  Eric managed to get a towel over it and help it find its way outside..... well, he put it outside, I suppose.
Needless to say, Nolly has been a very active kitty lately.  It's fun to be in the Ackermann house!

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