Monday, August 11, 2014

today and yesterday

Yesterday we had a very tired little Lu - all tuckered out from her big week at camp.  So she and daddy snuggled up on the floor for a good long time and dozed.  Not the most flattering photo, but it was all sweetness.
Nineteen days until we get possession of our new house.  Yahoo!!  While I am extremely excited to move into our own home and all the wonderful things that go with it, I will miss several things about where we are.  The top three:
3) a small house: While there are many many wonderful things about a larger house, there is the simplicity I crave in living in a smaller place.  Everyone is forced to be together a little more (other than when hibernating in individual bedrooms).  There is less to fuss over, less to worry about and deal with…. you can only have what you need because you only have room for what you need.  So wonderful.  Not to mention there is less to clean - a serious bonus for a family like us!
2) this tree: I love this big old tree.  I can only imagine how old it it.  It wouldn't surprise me if it was close to 100 years. It is rather huge and perhaps in this backyard, a little too big - since there is little yard left that is untouched by its shade.  But I love the establishedness of it - the history, the growth, the age.  I love thinking of all the different things this tree has seen and experienced.  And it is just simply lovely - in appearance and in shade.  Our new yard is large and wonderfully so.  But it is bare other than grass (thankful for the grass!!).   There will not be a large tree there for a long, long time

I have spent a fair bit of time this summer sitting in the swing, reading, praying, relaxing in the shade of this little piece of heaven on earth.
1) living close to the Giesbrechts (cousins, brother, sister-in-law):  Oh my this will be a tough one.  Just in practicality alone…. just today Glenda asked if I had a can of tomatoes she could use so she didn't have to run to the store (and she paid us for it, that silly woman!…. I wasn't home to refuse!!!!).  I don't know how many times we have borrowed things in the past year.  I go to steal dirt take some dirt they so kindly offered and wheel plants over to our house.  
But forget practicality.  The kids walk over, back and forth, to play, hand out, do homework, work on projects, whatever.  They meet at the church parking lot in winter to play on the snow hills and in summer to ride bikes.  Glenda and I go for walks or just stop by to say hi when we are walking by.  And sometimes I get delicious raspberry scones that are my new personal favourite.
It will in all seriousness be a hard adjustment.  We have been very spoiled.

Today Cade and Maddy headed off to camp.  Our street is officially blocked off from any traffic for the rest of the week, so we had to wheel them off to the church parking lot to load up and say good bye.  So far Red Rock has done our children well.  Mia and Lucy had fantastic times, so I assume the same will be said for the next two.

Mia the photo-bomber may just be that excited because she basically has her parents to herself all week.  Well, that is what I like to think, but she probably is just happy to pretty much have the house to herself all week.  While Cade and Maddy are gone completely, Lucy is doing a day camp all week - Pioneer Day Camp at the Mennonite Heritage Village.  So things are a little quiet around here.  Even in the evening tonight when Lucy was back it seemed odd.  
Two kids?  Cake walk.

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