Thursday, August 21, 2014

shark week!!

Last week was Shark Week, and two of the biggest shark week fans in the family were at camp.  Very unfortunate.  So I figured I'd make a little care package to send to them in honour of this auspicious occasion.  Goldfish crackers as a bait ball and gummy sharks.

It needed to feature Bruce as well because Bruce is fabulous.
Unfortunately, once I got to the post office to mail the thing, it was going to be over $12 to send it without any guarantee that it would even arrive on time.  So I ix-nayed the mailing deal and figured I'd just bring it to camp on Saturday and it could be just for Maddy.
They gave it to her on Monday and made her fish (excuse the pun) for things in a bowl of jello - with her mouth.  Not sure she was that happy about it - but I'm sure everyone else did!

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