Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I started this post about a month and a half ago and just noticed that I never finished!  Sheesh.... so like me.  Well, I've done this much.  I may as well write a little at the end and get 'er done.

A little post about regular life.
Mia had a spirit week, the week of Halloween.  The intent was to take pictures of her every day.  I got, um, one.  Dress up day below.  Great job mom!  She also had sports day, twin day, pajama day and a day their class all had to dress in a theme - her class did the 50's and she wore the Halloween costume (which is why I made that in the first place…).  She is so stink in' cute.  Actually, she is getting much more beautiful than cute and it is making me sad…..
Lip-syncing into knitting needles….

Crazy, messy life.
The newest joke at our house….  Lucy rewrote the menu board on my new white board (haven't posted that project yet, but I will).  We were having roasted chicken and she wrote "rosted ciken" (then she changed to rosted chiked later).  We now always have roster ciken instead of roasted chicken…. cause we're cool like that.  Poor girl, she never stood a chance.
Maddy also introduced "the helicopter" to the family.  Hair in a pony tail, swinging it around and around.  Very inventive…..  Well the kids thought is was hilarious so they "took off" from her idea.  Even semi-hairless Cade, "attached" his blanket to his head so he could have a helicopter.  He would not allow pictures, however.

Cade has also been packing his own lunch lately and doing a fabulous job of it.

Almost right....

Some of the fourth graders, including Cade, sang "Oh Canada" at the start of the local Pistons game.  The Pistons is a junior hockey league team.  But not just any junior hockey league team - Steinbach's junior hockey league team!  They they got to stay after and watch the game.  Eric and Lucy went as well.  Mia went with a friend and her family.  Carla doesn't do hockey.  The cold is my excuse (and a legit one) but I really am not at all a hockey fan.  That is why I got kicked out left Canada in the first place.
Cade really enjoyed the game... he is now a hockey fan.  Unfortunately he is very anti-fighting.  Apparently he kept yelling at the players "stop fighting!! STOP".  I'm pretty sure he is not going to be able to do much to stop fighting in hockey - especially junior hockey!
The other day at the dinner table we were goofing around and somehow it came up that Eric used to have his ear pierced.  That to me is about as hilarious as anything could possibly be.   Not only can I not picture him wearing an earring but I get choked up when I think about it - choked, as in gagging as well as gagging in laughter!!
Well, he thought he might still be able to get an earring in there still so Lucy got one of her pretty gold and "diamond" bows for him to try.

The girls all thought this was pretty hilarious.  Cade thought it was pretty repulsive.  I thought both.  I do love a man (mine, in particular) who can laugh at himself and his past though.  It is a very good quality.  And it would be frightening if he didn't....

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